04 August 2021
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Authors & Poets

Veerendra Ravihal

Veerendra Ravihal is a noted young writer of bellary, written poems, short stories and many articles of social concerns. born on 12th March 1971 to Late Sri R. Chandrashekar Shetty and Smt Ambujakshi. He got married to Smt Jayashree and he has two childre ...


T.Yamanappa is one of the prominent writers of Bellary. He was born on 1st Jan 1954 to sri T.Adavi Hanumanhtappa and  Smt T.Lakshmavva amd married to  T.Kamala . for the past 31 years he is working in Vijayanagara Institute of Medical science (VIMS) Bella ...

T.K.Gangadhar Pattar

T.K.Gangadhar Pattar a noted litterateur of Bellary district. One of his short stories 'Kari Ninga Savithri' published in the Sudha Weekly has turned out to a kannada film 'Rudra Naaga', in which noted thespians Sahasa Simha Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Madahvi and ...

T. Gururajachar

T. Gururajachar, born as the 5th child to Sri Krishnachar and Smt. Rukminibai on 13th of October 1946 in Teggihal village of Kushtagi Taluk , Koppal District. His chief interests are Literature & Music. Smt. Padma and Sri T.Gururajachar have a daughte ...

SO.DA. Virupakshagowda

So. Da. Virupaksha Gowda is a retired employee and he is presently working  as a daily reporter for ‘Loka Darshasna’ ‘Ee News’ and ‘Hosapete Times’ newspapers. He has authored ‘Baa Basavesh’ (kavanasankalana) published by Basava Someswari Prakashana, Hosa ...

S. Manjunatha

S. Manjunatha,  is one of the promising young writers of Karnataka. A writer with rational thoughts and scientific bent of mind. As a writer he is popular for his poems on science. Basically he is a teacher by profession and blossomed out as a habitual po ...

Rukmana Baburaj Shrikhande

Rukmana Baburaj Shrikhande is a reputed novelist of Bellary district. Apart from writing novels, he has written many poems and as an amateur artist, he has also acted in many dramas. He was born on 10th Aug 1963 to Sri Pakkirappa and Smt  Sundramma and ma ...

Parameshwaraiah Soppimata

Parameshwaraiah Soppimata is a noted writer, teacher and educationist of Bellary district. Many of his articles related to education has been published in Praja Vani daily, Sudha weekly and many othe leading newspapers, magazines of the state. He was born ...

Nisty Rudrappa

Nisty Rudrappa is a well known person in northern Karnataka region in the field of literature and Kannada Organization. In fact he requires no introduction for the’ Bellarians’. He has dedication his life to the Kannada Literature, Basavanna’s philosophy, ...

Nagaraja Banakar Kottur

Nagaraja Banakar from Kottur of Bellary district is a young writer. He was born on 1st June 1984 to Banakar Thippe swamy and smt Sowbhagya. He did his M.A. in Economics and B.Ed. His hobbies are writing, reading books and playing chess. His stories and po ...

Nagaraj Tambarahalli

Nagaraj Thabrahali is a young writer of Bellary District. He was born on 18th June 1984 to Anjinappa Thambarahalli and Sushilamma  Thabrahali . He is presently working as Kannada lecturer in Sharana Haralayya D.Ed. college Challakera . He has published hi ...

Jambunatha H.M.

Jambunatha H.M.is an upcoming writer of Bellary district. He was born on 1st June 1969 to Sri  H.M. Mallikarjunaiah and Smt H.M. Parvatamma and married to Lalitha. He is blessed with three children Shashirekha, Trilokanatha, and Lohitkumar. He authored a ...

Jadesha A Nadavi

Jadesha A Nadavi is a budding writer of Bellary. Born on 2nd June 1989, to his parents Sri Pakkeerappa and Smt Lingamma. He is presently studying M.Sc. (Chemistry) final year at Vijayanagara Sri Krishnadevaraya Univwersity, Bellary.  He has authored a boo ...

Hulikatti Channabasappa

Hulikatti Chanabasappa a well known writer, social thinker, activist of Bellary district. He has served in many social organizations and involved in many pro-people agitation and demonstrations. After his retirement from his teaching services, presently h ...


Harinatha Babu is one of the prominent poets of Bellary District. He was born on 2nd May 1968 to Sri. V. Mudukappa and Smt. V. Gangamma. He got married to Smt. V. Suneetha and blessed with two children Suhasa and Sree Vaishnavi living at Siruguppa. Earlie ...

Gurumurthy Pendakur

Gurumurhty pendakur was born on 9th june 1938, to Sri Virupanna shetty and Smt Ranakka at Naryana Devra kere of Bellary District,  he is the  second  son in eight brothers only .He married Smt . paravathi and blesse with four children Vasundhra, Ramesh, s ...

G. Prakash

G. PRAKASH is basically an advocate by profession and as well as a recognized poet in the Bellary district. He was born on 28th  June 1953 to Sri  G. Veeranna and  Smt G. Gangamma and married to G. Puspha and he has blessed with two sons and one daughter. ...

Dr. V. Pugazhendi

Dr. V. Pugazhendhi is one of the prominent writers of Bellary district, well known for his innumerable poems, short stories in many leading dailies and magazines of the state. He is working as Gazetted Officer in the Income-tax Department Bangalore with 2 ...

Bangi Dodda Manjunatha

Bangi  Dodda Manjunatha is basically a news reporter by profession but eventually turned out as a writer with great social concern. He was born in 1969 to Sri Bangi Gundappa and Smt. Bangi Shobha. He got Married to Bangi  Smt.Shobha. Earlier, he has worke ...


B. Mounesh is a young writer of Bellary district. He is working as a high school Kannada teacher. He has authored two books ‘Ileya Swagatha’ which is an anthology of poems and ‘Nivedane' is his another anthology of poems. Most of his poems have the theme ...


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