06 July 2022

Dr. Yadavalli Basavaraj

He is a Mechanical Engineer and completed his post graduation in Maintenance Engineering at Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore in 1994. After the completion of Post Graduation, he joined as a permanent faculty in Vijayanagar Engineering College, Bellary, and worked towards the Maintenance, design aspects and Condition monitoring techniques in different steel industries in and around Bellary with the involvement of different stakeholders. He have implemented projects on the real life problems like Performance and analysis of MO-4 plows in Pellet Plant at JSW, Quality Improvement Techniques applied to PVC pipes in Andhra Pradesh, Scheduling in PPC section, Design of semiautomatic Lancing machine in Hot Strip mill -case studies in JSW, Improving process efficiency using Design of Experiments-A case study carried out in hot strip mill, Hospet Steels ltd.He commenced His research career in the year 2002, in the field of Quality Management.  He started working on quality aspects under the guidance of Prof. P.Bhupal Reddy, former Professor and Head, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Vijayanagar Engineering College, Bellary. Then he worked on the Six Sigma deployment Strategies which focuses on process improvements and reducing variation under the guidance of Dr. K.V.Sreenivasa Prasad, Professor and Head, Department of Industrial and Production Engineering, S.J.College of Engineering, Mysore. The main focus was on the small scale Steel industries and the research advocates Six Sigma tools and methodology for performance related robustness improvements in Steel manufacturing process development. There he found that robustness in process development increases multidisciplinary optimization. This specific philosophy is new to the steel industries and suitable approaches were unknown.Besides, he is in a credential status of demonstrating the pioneer Design of Experiments and Taguchi’s orthogonal array approach when working with human/organizational aspects of the case studies. After the completion of Doctoral degree, He involved in the further investigation of the implementation of Six Sigma solutions in different areas of Steel industries. Other interesting areas to study could be the service process of the different sections. The success of Six Sigma implementation mainly depends on the level of people’s participation and multidisciplinary approach. With this understanding and field experience, He would like to devote his research career in the field of Quality management; Composite Materials and Maintenance Engineering particularly in the area of application of condition Monitoring Techniques in the industrial problem solving approach.His enduring aspiration is to pursue Post doctoral Research in the field of Optimization theory using Genetic algorithm to study the real life problems using the same principles to asses the higher magnitude of response in the sigma level. Papers Submitted:
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HOD, Mechanical Dept, BITM

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