06 July 2022

Navakarnatka youth association


Chandrasekhar Achar born to Sri Nagalingappa Achar and smt. Shardamma and his nativity is  Kappagal Village near bellary . He is organizer of Navakarnatka youth association and President of Kannada geleyara (Friends) association.  

Dr. Rajkumar influences A Kannada activist in Kappagal

-       Sri Chandrasekhar Achar has enormous love affection towards Kannada. He’s love for Kannada has no boundaries at all. He was influenced old by the songs and films of Dr.Rajkumar. He developed his love for Kannada in his childhood itself.

-       Right from 1989, he started painting different slogans in kannda in bases, so that people would know many things. Writing inspiring quotes in Kannada in buses is his hobby .He also educated people to know their glorious past. He taught people about Hampi through his paintings on buses and also through paintings at various prominent places. His aim is to encourage Kannada language, its culture. Its literature and its larders. He displayed at prominent place the portrait the great sons of Kannada who strong for unification. In his own way he spread the knowledge of Kannada.     

-          He says, don’t think what Kannada has given you but think how much you gave yourself to Kannada. The colors f Kannada flag red and yellow symbolizes sacred fragment women. The flag is for us a support to develop under it. Because of his efforts, Kappagal find its place in the presidential, Address of 71 kannada Sahitya Parishat’s state level sammelana.

-      It He encouraged people to print couple’s name on wedding invitation in Karnataka’s map. He designed wedding invitations on the shape of famous rock chariot of Hampi.

-       He has been awarded many titles by Kannada organization. He feels we should give primary important to Kannada and then learn other languages. He feels parents and elders should transmit Kannada culture children.            

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