06 July 2022

Sri Phylvan Ramjan Saab- A Memory.

The days of British were over. The newly born “Gadia” was setting with new energy and new hopes. It was time for reestablishing states on linguistic basis. Karnataka was scattered   into pieces and lying around as Hyderabad Karnataka, Mumbai Karnataka, some parts under madras presidency and the remaining as Mysore state. It was time, when kannadigas were fighting for the unification of Karnataka into one state by regrouping Karnataka under Mysore state many great people forget for it.

One is long them and the only martyr for the caure of unification of Karnataka is phylwan ramjan Saab of Bellary. He laid down Lin’s life for the sake of Karnataka and also gave his life to keep Bellary in Karnataka.

                At last the news had come that Bellary was united with Mysore state and part of Karnataka. There was mood of celebration in Bellary On September 30th of 1953, a big function was planned to celebrate Bellary dist unification with Mysore state at Bellary.

Phylwan Ramjan Saab took the responsibility of the pryarention of the stage. People who couldn’t bare Bellary joining in Karnataka planned to burn the stage and spui the function. Ramjan Saab came to know of these bad intentions, so he personally taken the task of watching it on that night those people. In the midnight, threw acid bulb at him “It caused severe burns, still he could make them run away from the scene. But, unfortunately, his burns were severe. He was admitted into emergency word. But he could not survive... he died on 2nd October 1953. He was the only son of Kannada who died for her sake at the time of unification Karnataka is proud of him .It is the duty of a kannadigas to remember him on 2nd October along with Gandhi and lalbhahadhur Shastri. A Kannda organization should commemorate his death anniversary befittingly.

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