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S. Manjunatha

S. Manjunatha
S. Manjunatha,  is one of the promising young writers of Karnataka. A writer with rational thoughts and scientific bent of mind. As a writer he is popular for his poems on science. Basically he is a teacher by profession and blossomed out as a habitual poet and a science writer. He is happened to be a first poet of Bellary district whose books are got published by the popular and gigantic Navakarnataka publications, Bangalore. At this young age he has turned out as a lexicographer for the science & technology terms in Kannada.

Mr. Manjunath, born on 28th April 1980 to Sri S. Gavisiddappa  and Smt. S. Shivallela. He has  completed his B.Sc. from Veerashaiva College, Bellary and M.Sc. in Physics from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga. He is the first Indian Student to get PG-Diploma in Materials Science under the guidance of world renowned scientist Prof. CNR Rao, from the International Centre of Materials science, JNCASR, Bangalore. He has worked on Nd:YAG laser and Krypton Fluoride laser. He has also done his research on Gallium Nitride and Zinc Oxide and synthesized nanotubes and nanorods of Zinc Oxide. As a young scientist, Mr. Manjunath has published two research papers in the international journals along with Prof. CNR Rao.

‘Chukki Chandrama’ his first collection of poems on astronomical bodies published by Samskruthi Prakashana, Bellary in 2006. Later, the second edition of this book in 2009 has been published by Navakarnataka Publications, Bangalore.   Today the book has seen four reprints and a good appreciation from the great poets of the Kannada literature. Nadoja Dr. Chennaveera Kanavi commented “Chukki Chandrama a popular & useful book”. Prominent writers like Dr. Vrushabendriah Swamy, Prof. Vasantha Kushtagi, Dr. Shylaja B. Udchan, Dr. D.B.Nayak have whole-heartedly welcomed this rare piece of literary work. The book contains thirty poems on Sun, Moon, Planets, Satellites, Comets, Asteroids, Nebula, Hubble Space Telescope, E=mc2 etc. Attractive illustrations by the renowned cartoonist of the country Sri B.G. Gujjarappa, have enhanced the beauty of the book. Foreword by popular science communicator and astronomer Prof. H.R. Ramakrishna Rao and the blurb by Dr. B.S. Shylaja, the Director of Nehru Planetarium Bangalore, both appreciated the efforts of the poet for his unique way to popularize science.

Manjunath’s second book is ‘Vaicharika Kavanagalu’ published by Navakarnataka Publications, in 2009. The book has become very popular which has seen three reprints. ‘Vaicharika Kavangalu’ is an anthology of 35 rational poems. The writer has condemned all kinds of blind beliefs and superstitions through his poems. One can see the poems on astrology, vaasthu, palmistry, black magic, parrot’s fortune, lizard fortune, casteism etc. Dr. G. Ramakrishna, eminent social scientist has blessed this young writer for his innovative book dedicated to popularize rational thinking. Many well known writers of the state like Ko. Chennabasappa, Dr. B.T. Lalitha Nayak, Kum. Veerabhadrappa have welcomed the book and commented that the poems are simple in their style, lucid in presentation and thought provoking. Gujarappa’s cartoons here also eye-catching.   The book is well received by the common reader.

Apart from these books Manjunath has contributed many articles to the leading newspapers of the state. He has also written articles for many special issues and souveniers. At his young age, he has come out as a lexicographer and he is the junior most of all the members of the editorial board of kannada science & technology dictionary published by Navakarnataka Publications. He has contributed 75 new words in  kannada related to nanotechnology along with the noted science communicator smt. Indumati C.N.R. Rao to the above said dictionay. The dictionary named as “Vijnana-thanthrajnana Pada Sampada” is a huge collection of 15,000 words of all branches of science & technology. This is a very rare and significant work in the field of popular science kannada literature.
Mr. Manjunath, started Madame Curie Science Academy in the year 2000, to popularize science and to cultivate the scientific bent of mind among the students, youths and the rural people. So far he has given more than 500 popular science lectures throughout the Karnataka. He is closely associated with the Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore, Dist. Science Centre Bellary and Karnataka Rajya vijnana Parishath, Bangalore.
He is also a founding member & Vice-President to the Harihara-Raghavanka Kannada Sangha, Bellary. Every month he along with other writers of Bellary conducts ‘Sahitya Sinchana’ programme where in rigorous discussion on kannada literature, culture and arts takes place. He is also active in organizing protests and demonstrations against local authorities through his Reddy Beedhi Nagarika Vedike, in providing basic civic amneties to the residents of Reddy street, Bellary.

For his services in the field of science, he has been awarded with Dr. H. Narasimhaiah Award, Basava Siri Prashasthi, Chintana Organizing Teacher Award, Silver & Bronze medals from Gulbarga University, Summer Research Fellowship from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, PG-Diploma Fellowship from the International Centre for Materials science, Bangalore. Dr.Raj Award from Malhotra foundation, Bangalore and many more. Presently, Mr Manjunath is working as an Assistant Professor and Asst. HOD of Physics, in Ballari Institute of Technology & Management, (BITM) Engineering College.

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