22 March 2023

Sri. C.M. Gagadharaiah was born on 15.04.1954. In the year 1972, he completed SSLC (M.S.E.E Board), and completed T.C.H. training during 1976-76 and B.Ed., during the year 1991-92 from Gulbarga University and B.A. from Mysore University during 1990.

Serving as Head Master at V.V. Sangha’s Heerada Sugamma Higher Primary School, Brucepet, Bellary since 03.06.1976. During his tenure he as enrolled 1300 students and teaching Kannada, English, Math’s General Science, Social Studies subjects from 1st to 7th Standard and the results are 80% to 98% in all the subjects.

He has also taken the responsibility as resource Person Diet; D.P.E.P Low cost & Nil cost teaching Aids, First Aid, Drill, March fast S.C & S.T’s & Other student also improve reduce the drop outs rate.

Other responsibilities:

  • Senior Worker in Bharatha Sevadal,
  • Home guard unit working as a Staff Officer, Bellary.
  • worked as a president in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Taluk dated from 2001 to 2004
  • worked as a Secretary in Kannada Sahitya Parishath District unit, Bellary dated from 2004-2008.
  • Still working as a District Sanchalaka in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Unit- Bellary.
  • Home guard unit working as a Staff Officer, Bellary.
  • worked as a president in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Taluk dated from 2001 to 2004
  • worked as a Secretary in Kannada Sahitya Parishath District unit, Bellary dated from 2004-2008.
  • Still working as a District Sanchalaka in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Unit- Bellary.
  • Senior Worker in Bharatha Sevadal,

Sri. C.M. Gagadharaiah has been appointed on 03-06-1976 and rendering the continuous services. As a Model teacher, he has gained the love and affection to the school children and the colleagues. He has been selflessly rendering the services for all round development of the school not only after school honors, but also on the days of holidays. Not only performs the duties of planning the trees, surrounding cleanliness by himself, the school children are also encouraged to perform.

He uses the teaching materials in the method or teaching to enable the learners to learn the teaching matter coneretely and effectively in the class. By drawing the pictures on the Block Board, encourages the children to learn coneretely. Develops the pictures collection habit of the national flag, National Leaders, Freedom fighters and the collection of the stamps and old coins among the children. Trains the school children to participate in cultural activities on the days of the National Festivals.

Gives homework regularly to the children. There will be 100% attendance in his class. Use teaching materials to a maximum level. Prepares the best teaching materials with the no cost materials. Teaching the yogasana to the children, gives prominence to get the best results of the school children.

The results of the School standard is 100%. He has developed the close contact with the parents of the school children conducts the Essay Writing, Elocution, Folk Songs, Patriotic songs, Fancy dress competition for the school children.

He Trains school children to participate in the March Fast every year. Responsible for the school children to bag the prizes, by participating at Sevadal Rallies at Different places. His students have bagged many prizes, by participating at State and National Level competitions.

Strives to get good results to the school, by conducting the special training for the children who are Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, poor and educationally ward.

Teachers the mass literacy songs, patriotic songs, Devotional songs, Not only to the class children, but also to the whole school conducts mass physical training weekly once, as a mark of “Discipline”.

He is an expert in drawing out the talents hidden among the children. Responsible to bag the silver medal and awards by indulging the children in many communal activities and by training the children in the activities as Folk Songs, Mallakamba, Kolata etc.,

He is rendering the services as C.S.M of Home Guards & Platoon Commandant Stable Officer for Training and rendering the services as Senior Worker of Sevadal. State Level prize has been awarded to him, at the state level children and youth rally held at Mysore during 1985. “The District Level the best teacher” award has been awarded during the year 1997-98.

He has been elected as the Member of Teacher’s Association getting highest votes in the election, held during 2010. He is also rendering the services as the Secretary to the Aided Schools Teacher’s Association and other Student’s co-operative association of the school.

Participating since many years as resourceful person at various camps and delivered the lecturing on the history of the National flag, method of tying the National Flag, Flag Field, Hoisting the National Flag, Disjoining the National Flag, etc., conducted at District Teachers training Institute, Bellary participated promptly at rural areas as an artist of D.P.E.P Kala Jatha, conducted under the literacy programme and participated at various State level dramas as an artist of Mayura Kala Sangha.

As an artist is educating the public in rural and urban areas about the population awareness by participating in dramas and activities such as control of Environmental pollution, Road Safety, Family Welfare pulse polio, Leprosy, Malaria and the activities of Aids awareness conducted by the Mayura Kala Sangha and information and Broadcasting Dept. also advice for the same and educating the public for such programmes.

He is rendering the services at free eye camps, Mass Marriages, Blood donation Family Planning. Pulse Polio camps being conducted by the Karnataka State Primary School Teacher’s Association, Veerasaiva Thorne Sangha etc., participates promptly in various conferences and Rallies being conducted by the school Managing committee participated at Rural, district and State level Children Rallies and Camps and run them Successfully.

Sir C.M. Gangadharaiah is a teacher and Head Master, but also an old student, he is designer for encouragement and for the National Award,

He has secured Best Teacher Award from Mayura Kala Sangha in the year 1999 at Bellary.
He is the Treasurer of “Mayura Kala Sangha,” because of his efforts the participants of the drama have bagged 7 (Seven) Prizes in Kannada Competition, Drama “Giliyada Manthrika” in the year 2006 at Hospet.

“Life for Service”, “Service to the people is Service to the God”… Keeping these norms, he has encouraged the children to participate in many mass camp activities. He rendered the services promptly and sincerely in the activities of Bharath Sevadal, Home Guards, Mayura Kala Sangha, District or Aided Primary School Teachers Association, Bellary District, Bellary. He has also rendered services in different organization like; as a President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, As District Secretary in Veerasaiva Tharuna Sanga, Malla Sajja Vyayama Shala Mass Marriages, Free Eye Camps, Fairs, Environmental Pulse Polio Camps and Aids Awareness etc., He is one of the best artist at State Level Dramas.

We wish that he may be enabled to render more services not only to the educational department, but to our Country.

A graduate student once came across the story of the legendary scientist Madame Curie, who in spite of facing all hurdles like poverty, gender discrimination, professional jealousy, was able to discover the new elements Polonium and Radium, thereby opening a new vista of Radioactivity. Her strong determination and dedication eventually led her to win two Nobel prizes and her passion, led her to the pinnacle of science. This story of Madame Curie has inspired lakhs of young people to realize their social responsibility and commit themselves for the development of the society. The legacy of Curie was just sufficient to ignite a ‘light of science’ in a young boy from Bellary. This teen ager, then strongly determined to do something memorable in the name of the great scientist Madame Marie Curie. Soon, his visionary dream turned into reality by establishing the “Madame Curie Science Academy” in the year 2000, when he was just 20 years old. That young man was none other than S.Manjunatha, today who is well known as a man of Science in Karnataka.

On 28th of April 1980, Manjunatha was born to Sri S. Gavisiddappa & Smt. S. Shivaleela who belongs to a lower middle class family, which is culturally rich. He was sent to a Jyothi Nursery a Pre Primary School, where he got a strong foundation from his teacher V.Rani. He then completed his primary at BMD School, Bellary, which was a just few yards away from his home, where he was influenced by his teachers, E. Usha Rani, K.Sujatha, P. Sitara & P. Jahira. He was also taught by his private tutors Miss T.Jyothi Rani, who taught Mathematics & Miss T.Mamatha Kumari, who taught Kannada. He completed his higher secondary at Setra Gurushanthappa School and stood first in the SSLC Examination in 1996. He also won an endowment prize for securing the highest marks in Kannada language. Young Manju started winning prizes in competitions such as Essay writing, Elocution, One act plays, Embroidery and in many more events. In his high school days, he was greatly motivated by his teachers M. Indira, H.M. Shivagangamma, K.S. Vasantha, K.M. Siddalingaiah & J. Rudrappa. Followed by his pre-university course at Wardlaw College, he joined B.Sc. at Veerasaiva College, Bellary affiliated to Gulbarga University. Here, he was totally inspired by his dedicated teachers, Dr. C.Nagabhushan, Prof. A.Shirly Jones, and Prof. S.M.Sudharani. During this time, three he continuously for the three consecutive years, bagged prizes in Smt. Usha M Jali Memorial, District Level Science Lecture Contest. He has also won Silver & Bronze Medals in the Elocution competition organized at the Youth Festival in Gulbarga University. Later, he joined the Gulbarga University, at Gulbarga for his postgraduate studies, where he passed his M.Sc. in Physics in first class with distinction.

Under the banner of “Madame Curie Science Academy”, he has delivered more than 400 science lectures throughout Karnataka. Through his academy, he showed a greater commitment towards the spreading of scientific temperament among the students, youth, women and the rural community. Mr.Manjunatha is outright in condemning Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu, Black Magic and all other sorts of superstitions. At the time of solar eclipses, he arranges mass lunch programmes, just to eradicate the blind belief that, one should not have any food or water during the time of eclipses. He is always endeavouring to popularize science by organizing science lectures at various schools & colleges in Bellary and surrounding places. Another interesting thing is that the academy as a token of respect, he celebrates the birth anniversaries of great scientists every year, which is first of its kind in Bellary.

As an amateur astronomer, Manjunath underwent various training programmes at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore. He has learnt astronomy, from the great astronomers of Karnataka, Dr.B.S.Shylaja and Prof.H.R.Ramakrishna Rao. His curiosity in celestial bodies during his teen age eventually turned out to become a life time passion for astronomy. ‘Transit of Venus’, one of the rarest celestial phenomena occurred on June 8th 2004, to celebrate this rare astronomical phenomenon; he distributed one thousand solar filters on behalf of his Academy to the residents of Bellary. He also arranged a mass programme to watch this historical event and was successful in creating awareness among the common people. Manjunath’s love towards astronomy is unique and this is evident from his poems written on the sun, the moon, stars, planets, comets and the meteors. He published this collection of poems “Chukki Chandrama” (Kannada Version) in 2006. Today, this work has seen several reprints and is appreciated by the great poets of our state as a rare literary work. Prof. Vasantha Kushtagi a great poet of northern Karnataka not only appreciated these poems but also called Manjunath a “Poet-Scientist”. Another great poet, Nadoja Dr.Channaveera Kanavi made valuable remarks and appreciated “Chukki Chandrama” as a very useful and popular book.

Since his boyhood, Manjunath hated all kinds of blind beliefs and superstitions. Disgusted with this pseudo-psychology, he wrote poems to address this issue and also tried to condemn it, in every possible way. “Vaicharika Kavanagalu” (Kannada Version) his second collection of poems was published in 2009 by Navakarnataka Publications, Bangalore. It has seen several reprints and is well received by its readers. Even this book got good response and appreciation from the senior and great rationalists like, Sri. Ko. Channabasappa, Prof. B.V. Veerabhadrappa and Dr. S. Balachandra Rao. As a poet, Manjunath has recited his poems in many poets meet including Ballari Zilla Kannada Sahitya Sammelana. He has also presented a paper titled “Vijnana matthu Kannada” in 77th Akhila Bharatha Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held in Bangalore. He has attended many poets' meet (Kavi Goshti) including the prestigious fest of southern India i.e. Hampi Utsava, Bellary Zilla Sahithya Sammelana and many more.

While doing his M.Sc., Manjunath was selected to the National Level Summer Research Fellowship programme from Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), Bangalore, a premier research institute of our country. Based on his research results, he was able to publish his work on “SERS- active femtoliter silver cups”, in an international journal “Nanotechnology” of IOP publishing.

Mr.Manjunath, started his career as a lecturer in physics at S.G. College, Bellary, where, he improved the quality of students in physics, majority of them from the rural background. This automatically resulted in increase in the percentage of passing in physics. In the mean time, he was selected for an international PG Diploma course in Materials Science from the International Centre for Materials Science (ICMS) of JNCASR. He got a PG-Diploma fellowship of Rs 8000 per month for a period of one year from ICMS. He was fortunate to get an opportunity to work directly under the guidance of the world renowned scientist Bharata Ratna Prof.C.N.R.Rao. During this time he published his research works in the reputed international journals. After the submission of his project report “Studies on nanostructures of ZnO & GaN”, he was awarded the PG-Diploma. Thus he became the first Indian Student to get PG-Diploma in Materials Science from ICMS. Along with him, two other young scientists from Nigeria & Ghana too were awarded the PG Diploma in Materials Science from ICMS, JNCASR.

Along with Smt. Indumati C.N.R. Rao, Manjunath coined 75 new words in Kannada related to nanotechnology, for the Science & Technology Dictionary of Navakarnataka Publications known as “Vijnana Tantrajnana Padasampada”. In order to popularize science, he regularly contributes science articles to leading Karnataka newspapers. On the occasion of the National Science Day, Dooradarshana Chandana telecasted live interview of Manjunath in its ‘Belagu’ Programme on Feb 28th 2011. He has also given talks on Radio Station of Hospet several science issues. In collaboration with Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishath, he has interacted with the students of Kodagu, Uttara Kannada, Chitra Durga, Davanagere, Yadagiri districts, in the student-scientist interaction programme of ‘Vision Group on Science & Technology’ of Govt. of Karnataka. This programme is a brain child of the visionary scientist of Karnataka Ratna Prof. C.N.R. Rao.

Apart from being the President of the Madame Curie Science Academy, since its inception, he has extended his services to various organizations in promoting science and scientific outlook, his rational ideas and social service as listed below:

He served/serving as

  • Dist. Joint-Convener of the Bellary Dist. Committee for the “Year of Scientific Awareness-2004”.
  • Life member, Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT).
  • Life member, Kannada Sahithya Parishath.
  • Founder Vice-President, Harihara-Raghavanka Kannada Sangha, Bellary.
  • The Honarary Editor, nammabellary.com, website.
  • Vice-President, Karnataka Rajya Vijnana Parishath, Bellary district committee.
  • Convenor, Reddy Beedhi Nagarikara Vedike, Reddy Street, Bellary.
  • Honorary Member, Management Committee, Shanthi Vidya Kendra, Talur Road, Bellary.

In appreciation of his services, he has been conferred with several awards.

  • “Dr. H. Narasimhaiah Best Teacher Award”, from Subhash Bharani Saamskrithika Vedike, in 2008,
  • “Bellary District Best Youth Award” from Ballari Zilla Yuvajana Seva matthu Kreeda Elaakhe, in 2008,
  • Summer Research Fellowship-2007 of JNCASR, Bangalore.
  • Post-Graduate Diploma Fellowship (2009-10) of International Centre for Materials Science, JNCASR, Bangalore.
  • “Dr. Raj Award-2012” from Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (Praveen Shetty Group) of Kampli Unit, Bellary.
  • "Basava siri Prashasth-2013" from Teachers' Forum of Bellary district.
  • Bronze and Silver medals from Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.

At present he is working as an Asst. Prof of Physics in a private engineering college of Bellary.

Prof.C.Nagabhushan, is an iconic personality of science in the Bellary District. He needs to be remembered as a man behind the Bellary District Sub-Regional Science centre, a pioneer in popularizing science, a HAM-radio amateur and a science writer.

Nagabhushan was born on 12th October 1947 in a middle class family of a small village Ambali near Kottur of Bellary District. His parents were Mudukappa and Savithramma. Mudukappa’s family was a big and happy family; Nagabhushan was the youngest of the seven children. Apart from his mother’s love he was affectionately looked after by his six elder sisters. He finished his early education at Koppal, staying in his brother-in-law’s home. Later he moved to Bellary for his intermediate (PUC) education at Veerasaiva College. He completed his B.Sc. course at the same college and obtained the Bachelor’s Degree in 1967 from Karnataka University. Young Nagabhushan was greatly attracted by Physics and its experiments. So he decided to join M.Sc. Physics at Karnataka University, Dharwad. He obtained M.Sc. with 2nd Rank in 1970 with Radio Physics and electronics as specialization subjects.

In 1970, Nagabhushan started his career as a lecturer of physics at Veerasaiva College, Bellary. He has served the college for three and half a decade, played a great role in bringing up his departments in efficiently catering the knowledge to the inwards, 35 years of his yeoman service with full regard and respect to his college, he gained lot of love and affection from the staff and students till his retirement as the Professor & Head of Physics & Electronics Department in 2005.

Prof. Nagabhushan was always inspiring his students to make career in basic science. He was very particular in conducting science workshops and seminars to his students. Student’s science association, which was started under his guidance, played an important role in popularizing the science to promote science activities in the college. When I was a B.Sc. student at Veerasaiva College, I was made as the Secretary of Student’s Science Association. Since, I was an active student in popularization of science and at the same period I was running a voluntary science organization “Madame Curie Science Academy”, probably this might have made him to select me as the Secretary of Science Association. We organized many science programmes by inviting stalwarts like Dr.S.J.Nagalotimut, renowned science communicator, Dr.G.Ramakrishna and many more such luminaries. These very programmes organized by the association, had succeeded in generating a passion for science amongst the students.  

In the due course, Prof. Nagabhushan was selected as a Teacher Research Fellow, at Liquid Crystal Research Laboratory, Raman Research Institute of Bangalore during 1983-87 for the Ph.D. Degree. He carried out various studies on liquid crystals, the delicate state of matter, under the guidance of the renowned physicist Prof. S. Chandra Sekhar, FRS. He was awarded Doctor of Philosophy for his thesis titled “Experimental studied on Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystals”. Based on his research, he has published nine research papers in journals of International repute. He has attended many national & international conferences on liquid crystals. In 2002, his participation in the International Liquid Crystal Conference held at International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy is of worth mention.

Apart from his academics, Prof.Nagabhushan has served in various committees, bodies and held different positions. He has rendered his services as Academic Counselor of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Study Centre, Bellary. He has worked as Hon. Secretary, Bellary District Centre for Science & Technology, Working President of Bellary Bharatha Jana Gnana Vijnana Jatha (1992), Working President of the District Organizing Committee, the year of Scientific Awareness-2004.

Prof.Nagabhushan is basically a man of definite vision and of different hobbies. Radio physics, his specialization subject of M.Sc., made him a HAM, in his later years. I am very proud for being his student. Many a times I got an opportunity to visit his home and have a closer look on his personal belongings. Each time I visited his home, a line on his wooden cupboard “I AM A HAM” drew my attention! Out of curiosity, when I asked him about this, he explained me that it is his popular scientific hobby. Any radio amateur can practice this hobby. In fact, his specialization subject radio physics of M.Sc. might have made possible to him to become a HAM. In 1980, he had established Vijayanagar Amateur Radio Club to promote HAM.

But for his encouragement, even after my college days, during the year of Scientific Awareness, 2004, he made me as a Dist. Joint-Convener for the above said committee, considering my science outreach activities and active participation. Perhaps, the teacher-student relationship of us had helped in successfully organizing the year long scientific awareness programmes. Even today, his interaction with me is unique. As a member of the advisory committee of the Madame Curie Science Academy, he always encourages all our science activities.

Prof. Nagabhushan has visited many countries as a part of his academics. He visited Brazil as a member of group study exchange programme sponsored by Rotary International in 1995. He also visited Italy, Germany & France in 2002 and USA in 2011. As a writer he has authored the books ‘Radio Amateur-HAM’, “Badukina Bhagya Vignana’ and ‘Naa Kanda Brazil’. Prof. Nagabhushan is instrumental in getting 10 acres of land from the District administration for the Bellary district sub-regional science centre. Presently, as a curator of this centre, he is very keen on developing the science museum, planetarium, Biodiversity Park. For his selfless services he has got District Level Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 1991.

Prof. Nagabhushan presently working as a Prof. & Head in a private engineering college at Bangalore. In recognition of his exemplary science services to the overall development of the Bellary District, Bellary, he has been conferred the prestigious “Namma Bellary Prashasti-2013” by the “nammabellary.com” of SA9 Media group. Teachers like Nagabhushan, working for noble cause with passion are the need of the society to mould our younger generation. I wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.
Harapanahalli Raghavendra was born in Bellary on 2nd of July 1950 as only son to the noble parents late Sri H.Ramamurthy & Smt. Sunandamma. He had his primary education in Silver Jubilee Primary School in Bellary, completed his high school education by joining Wardlaw High School where his father was working as Drawing Master. He was blessed enough to get basic skills in drawing and painting under his fathers tutelage as a drawing master along with other students.

“Truth, purity and unselfishness-wherever these are present, there is no power below or above the sun to crush the possessor thereof” the essence of these words of Swami Vivekananda as a basic qualities was inculcated in him by his beloved respected teacher namely Sri. Jaya Christa Kumar. His teachings and his exemplary qualities made Raghavendra to have good character.

Another great person Sri. J.D. Chitrashekar, a Biology teacher who not only inspired him, but he put the seed of Biology in Raghavendra which in later years grew as a tree and spread the essence of teaching Biology among his students community. He is grateful to these three great personalities who moulded him as a good teacher, good science teacher and as amateur artist.

He took his graduation in Science from Veerasaiva College, Bellary and B.Ed., Course from Kottur Swami College of Education, Bellary. Late Sri. Gangappa the Principal, of the college, asked Raghavendra to design an emblem for the college by recognizing his talents. All other lecturers appreciated his talents and encouraged him to take part in different activities.

He joined his Almamartar Wardlaw High School, Bellary as Secondary Grade Assistance in 1976. He got promoted as Graduate Science Assistant in 1988 and served this Institute with full commitment.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value" let these words of Albert Einstein happens to be his watch words. In addition to his class room teaching he encouraged his students to take part in co-curricular activities. He prepared science models to his students who participated in science exhibition at district as well as state and South India level.

During his service he had conducted many quiz competitions for the students at district as well as at divisional levels. He also conducted science quiz for high school students as per instructions given by department of education (DDPI, Bellary) for the period of seven years or so. The most of the students had admired his talent of conducting quiz. During his service he prepared the beautiful tableau on the occasion of Karnataka Rajyotsava on behalf of the education department through his college for two years and got second prize for one year.

Mr.Raghavendra retired from his service after completing 33 years of yeoman service with full regard and respect to his almamarter and gained a lot of love and affection from the staff and students.

"Our deeds determine us as we determine our deeds" true to these words of G.Eliot, in recognition of his outstanding zeal and high quality of service rendered by him during the 1991 Census of India, the President of India had been pleased to confer upon him the 1991 Census Silver Medal.

After his retirement, he started to paint in various media like water colour, oil colour, acrylic, pencil work, glass painting on different subjects. Even after his retirement, he took science classes at Sri Nanda Residential School, Bellary to meet the expenses of framing his paintings and also to continue his zeal of teaching science to the students.

He conducted his first solo painting exhibition at Wardlaw PU College on 17th & 18th of Nov. 2012 which enabled citizens of Bellary to see paintings of different categories and enjoyed it very much. That exhibition was dedicated to his father late Sri.H.Ramamurthy.

He was proud enough to mention that he painted the figure of Sri Rajarajeswari painting for Shobhayathra on the occasion first Kannada Rajyotsava in 1973, when the erstwhile Mysore province was renamed as Karnataka. He also got first prize at district level art exhibition conducted by old boys association of Municipal School in 1996.

Mr.Raghavendra was awarded District level Best Science Teacher award from DDPI, Bellary.

He is blessed enough to paint Swami Vivekananda in oil paint, for Shobha Yatra on 12th January 2013, on the occasion 150th Birth Anniversary of Swamiji. He participated in “Belugu” programme of Chandana channel where he gave his opinion that science and skill of drawing are inter-related in the processes of teaching as well as in painting mutually. Some of his paintings are testimony to his esoteric knowledge in philosophy and his academic life.
T. Gururajachar comes from a respectable & cultured Jahagirdar family. The 5th of the Six children to Sri Krishnachar and Smt. Rukminibai was born on 13th of October 1946 in Teggihal village of Kushtagi Taluk of present Koppal District. His ancestors were Sanskrit & Kannada Scholars and some of them were Bhajan Singers. Naturally he inherits these qualities. His chief interests are “Literature & Music”.

He is the author of ‘Bhava Bindu’ a collection of poems and ‘Changi Cheluve’ a travelogue about Singapore, which he has published from his own Kanakashree Prakashana. He has been awarded “Attimabbe Prashasti” for his travelogue Changi Cheluve for the year 2008 by Attimabbe Pratishthana, Bengaluru. There was also a Radio talk on the same book by Akashavani, Gulbarga. Shortly he is going to publish a book on music which will be unique with amazing new concepts.

He worked as a Teacher for 33 years in V.D.H.L Girls High School, which is an aided institution at Bellary and retired in the year 2004. Though a disciplinarian at the same time he was affectionate towards his students and always cared for their welfare and progress. This did not go unnoticed by the department which conferred on him ‘The District Best Teacher Award’ for the year 2004. As a profound and an ardent lover of Classical Music in particular and other all sorts of Music in general he has the privilege of acting as a Judge for a number of music competitions. The knowledge gained as a voracious reader of literature has also made him the most sought after anchor for various literary and cultural events. He feels fortunate for having attended innumerable prestigious concerts held at different places in which a host of artists of national and international repute performed. He was the treasurer of ‘Swara Sangama’ a cultural Association of Bellary formed by music loving friends which organized nearly 90 music programmes in a period of 11 years. His interview in ‘Belagu’ programme in Chandana channel of Bengaluru Dooradarshana Kendra was telecasted on 1.8.2006. With his wife Smt. Padma he has paid 7 visits to Singapore and one visit to Malaysia and Thailand each.
Sri T.Gururajachar has participated in many kavi ghoshtis;

*    73rd Akhila Bharata Kannada Sahitya Sammelana Shimoga (2006),
*    Hampi Utsav (2005), Akhila Bharata Kannada Samskritika Sammelana in Bombay (2006),
*    Singara Utsava – 2010 in Singapore,
*    Konkani, Kannada Sahitya – Samskriti Sambhrama Kavigoshthi at Hospet,
*    Akhila Karnataka Bahu Bhasha Kavi Sammelana held at Koppal,
*    Dasara Muktaka – Chutuku Kavigoshti at Mysore,
*    Bellary & Raichur Zilla Kannada Sahitya Sammelanaas.

He has won prizes in many state level & Dist. Level poem’s competitions. He has also bagged many awards for his literary & cultural works.

*     ‘Bendre Kavya Prashasti –2008’ by Gramantara Buddhi Jeevigala Balaga of K.R.Nagar Tq Mysore Dt.
*     ‘Kavyashree Prashasti’ of Kannada Taluku Sahitya parishat Ghataka Mandya and Department of Kannada and Culture Mandya.
*     ‘Bhargava Prashasti – 2011’ by Sangeeta Bharathi Hospet

Smt. Padma is working as a High School Teacher. She is equally interested in Literature and is a good anchor. She has proved the proverb ‘Behind the Success of every man there is a woman’ which holds good in his case. Smt. Padma and Sri T.Gururajachar have a daughter and a son. Daughter Vijayashree is an Engineering Graduate who married to Mr. Rajesh Kanchi, a software Engineer in Singapore. They have a son by name Nikhil and a daughter by name Nikhita. This family has been in Singapore for the last 8 years. T. Sandeep the son of T. Gururajachar possesses M.Sc Biotechnology Post Graduation and presently is working in Mumbai.

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