03 February 2023

Vittala Temple

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The Vittala Temple of Hampi is situated northeast of Hampi. The Vittala temple Hampi is dedicated to Vittala (Vishnu). Vittala is one aspect of Lord Vishnu in which he is worshipped by Maratha community. A renowned rock chariot (Ratha) is situated in front of the Vittala temple. The chariot is carved of a single rock and also a place of worship.

The Musical Pillar of the Vittala Temple is great instance of artistic design. Each Musical Pillar that support the roof of Vittala temple represents one musical instrument. The festival of Purandaradasa is a annual festival of the temple.

From the eastern of Hampi Bazaar, a track, best covered on foot, leads left along the riverbank to the Vittala Temple, about 2km away. The undisputed highlight of the Hampi ruins, the 16th-century temple is in fairly good condition, though a few cement scaffolds have been erected to keep the main structure from collapsing.

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