03 February 2023

Hazara Ramaswami Temple

Published in Hampi
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A temple which is immensely famous in Hampi is Hazara Ramaswami temple. This was supposed to be the temple where the royal families came to offer prayers. This temple was like the private worship place of the kings and their families. The pillars and walls of the temple exhibit Ramayana's episodes through beautiful engravings. On the other hand, the outer wall of the temple also put on view beautifully carved images of social activities of Vijaynagar's common public and images of deities and lords. Here you might also come across intricate engravings of dancing girls, elephants and horses.

Monolithic Statue of Ugra-Narasimha.Of the two temples completed during that period,the Hazara-Ramaswami Temple was the more important,because of its proximity to the Royal Palace and of the fact that personally Krishna Deva Raya seems to have been a devotee of Krishna-Vishnu in His Incarnation of Rama,which explains why the Ramaswami Temple was built so close to the Royal Palace.As such,the Hazara-Ramaswami Temple is much more lavish in the intricately beautiful carvings that decorate every conceivable part of the Temple.

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