03 February 2023

Ugra Narasimha Temple

Published in Hampi
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Ugra Narasimha, which is also known as the Statue of Lakshmi Narasimha, happens to be the most widely advertised and well known relic of the Vijayanagara Empire.Sculpted out of a single block of huge granite during the reign of Krishna DevaRaya (1509-29),the era during which the Vijayanagara Empire reached its zenith,this statue is reported to have had a figure of Lakshmi sitting on the lap of theĀ  figure of Narasimha.Incidentally,it was the figure of Lakshmi only that the marauding army of the combined forces of Bijapur,Bidar,Golkonda and Ahmadnagara could manage to destroy after having assaulting the statue continually for seven months in their determined attempt to destroy the statue completely following the fall of Hampi after the utter defeat of the Vijayanagara forces at the hand of the Combined Forces at the Battle of Talikota(1565).

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