17 August 2022


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Ubbalagandi is a village in Sanduru taluk, located around 65 km (40 mi) from Bellary and Hospet. The village is known for a rich forest and is known as the Switzerland of Bellary. Veerabhadreshwara temple is located between two pillars (rocks known as vadeu). There is a waterfall (springs from Donimalai) near the temple. This is compared to Yana. Donimalai and Byreveshwara temples are also located nearby. The nearest town is Sanduru. Ugadi is celebrated with veerabhadhra rathothsava (Chariot) and is known for its history. The place is rich with iron ore mines. Recently Ugadi celebrated by a newly built Chariot for Sree Veerabhadreswar(Powerful Ganadishwar of Shiva). Veerabhadreshwar god is holy and powerful many people visit the Temple to get the blessings. Weather is different from Bellary with moderate, comfortable temperatures and with light to moderate winds. People are friendly and most are well educated. Land is fertile but nowadays most of the livelihood is from Mining of Iron ore.

The village's natural beauty was captured in a Kannada movie Manasa Sarovar acted by Srinath.

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