22 March 2023

Hazara Rama Temple

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The Hazararama temple is the only temple situated in the coreof the royal zone between the residential and ceremonial enclosures. It was built by Krishna devaraya in 1513 to commemorate a victory. Dedicated to Vishnu in his aspect of lord Rama this 15th century temple is a finest example of a compact Dravida Vimana type of temple.the temple has an entrance to the north and the south.
The temple is known for its sculpted material describing the Ramayana in three tiers running all round the temple.it is because of this the temple is known as Hazararama temple. It even has narrative sculptures of Bhagavata especially of bala Krishna.

The Hazararama temple is the only temple situated in the coreof the royal zone between the residential and ceremonial enclosures. It was built by Krishna devaraya in 1513 to commemorate a victory. Dedicated to Vishnu in his aspect of lord Rama this 15th century temple is a finest example of a compact Dravida Vimana type of temple.the temple has an entrance to the north and the south.

The temple is known for its sculpted material describing the Ramayana in three tiers running all round the temple.it is because of this the temple is known as Hazararama temple. It even has narrative sculptures of Bhagavata especially of bala Krishna. 

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