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Sandur the princely state, which had an area of just 1258 sq. kms was surrounded on all sides by the taluks of Bellary district of the erstwhile Madras State (1947). Under the circumstances, it had no option except to cooperate with the Govt. of India which took up the task of integrating the princely states. On 1st April the administration of Sandur was transfered to the Govt.of India. In the year 1950 by adding Choranur and Torangal RI circles Sandur had become a separate taluk of Bellary district. In olden days it was called Skandapuri i.e., the city of Skanda or Kumaraswamy whose temple is situated nearby Sandur.

This is a border taluk to Andhra Pradesh where 25 villages of Karnataka fall on the border of the said state. The taluk is bounded on the north and west by the Hospet taluk, on the south by Kudligi taluk and on the east by the Bellary taluk.
The geographical area of the taluk is 1258 sq.km.

This is a picturesque hill fringed region in a splendid valley. It has natural riches of iron and manganese ores. A huge fort can be seen in a marvellous palace here. This fort is a remarkable monument left behind by the famous Maratha rulers. There are two wonderful temples dedicated to Lord Kumaraswamy and Goddess Parvathi. These are situated here in the hills of Bellary. The temple contains some amazing elements of art and sculpture and it has serene surroundings. A temple of Lord Rama can be seen on this hill resort.

The major crops grown are bajra, maize, cotton, jowar and sunflower.

Industrialization is one of the important means of promoting economic development of the country. Sandur is one of the important taluks in the district where industrialization is taking place rapidly. This is because of the establishment of Jindal Steel Factory at Toranagallu. In this taluk there are 857 industrial units with an investment of Rs. 851.83 lakh. These units provide employment to more than 3084 persons. Among medium and large-scale units Sandur Micro Circuites Ltd., (Capacitors Network) and N.M.D.C. Ltd., Donimalai (Iron Ore).

Places of Interest
(a) Bommagatta:
This village is situated at a distance of 48 kms from Sandur town.It is famous because of an old temple of Hulikuntaraya (Anjeneyaswamy).

(b) Daroji Tank:
This tank built by Tipu at Daroji village whicj is 48 kms from Sandur town.This tank is said to be one of the biggest tanks in the district.When this tank breached in 1851,the old village of Daroji destroyed under its impact.Susequently a new village was built (new Daroji).

(c) Donimalai Hill Range:
The Donimalai hill range with huge potentiality of iron ore is being exploited by NMDC.This is the first venture of NMDC in the southern region of the country.

(d) Ramanadurga Hill Station:
From Sandur at a distance of 16 kms the said hill station is situated at a height of 3256 feet from the sea level.The hill station provides excellent views into the Sandur valley on one side and over the western taluks on the other side.There is a fort in this village built by prince Kumara Rama of Kampli which ofcourse now in a ruined state.There is one Ramadeva temple which is rebuilt out the remains of an older temple.

(e) Kumaraswamy Temple Complex:
This is 12 kms away from sandur on a hill station.

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