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This taluq was formerly known as the Kampli taluq. In 1851 the head quarters of the taluq were moved from Kampli district, on account of the large revenue drawn from the lands below the river channels.

Area and Cultivation. _ The area of the taluq is 540 square miles exclusive of the Sandur jag hire which contains 145 more. This jag hire was formerly included in the Kudlighi taluq, was in 1832 transferred to Hospet taluq and has recently been declared to be an independent native state. An account of it will be found in another place.

 The principal natural features of the taluq are the parallel ranges of hills bounding the Sandur valley, which run though the taluq from north to south, finishing rather abruptly at Hospet. Some of the higher plateau of these ranges has an elevation of 3,000 feet, There are smaller detached ranges, one commencing near Papanaikenhalli and going on to Daroji, and another starting from KAMLAPUR AND PASSING BY Bukkasagara to Mettri. The slopes of these hills are well-wooded and most of the fuel consumed in Bellary is brought from them. The western half of taluq has a more open aspect. The soil is thriought rich. About 4 per cent of the soil of the taluq is black cotton soil, but in the west the red predominates. Excluding the hill ranges, and the rocky portion of the taluq, 260,114 acres are entered in the accounts as more or less fit for cultivation. Of these 48 per cent. Are cultivated, and the remainder waste.

 Hospet. (Hossa petta, new town)

This town is now the taluq. The Head Assistant Collector was formerly stationed here and had charge of the four western taluqs, but his office was removed in 1868. His cut cherry is now occupied as a range office by the Public Works Department. The main street of the town is wide and contains good houses and shops, but the back streets are narrow and tortuous. The town was greatly improved in 1866 and 1867 by leveling the old fort wall and filling up the ditch, formerly a receptacle for all kinds of rubbish. The town is situated on high ground and is considered healthy. The hill behind the town is called Joladarashi (heap of cholum) on account of its shape. There are two fine temples at the end of the main street. The chief industry of the place is of course weaving, but brass and copper vessels are made in great quantities. Just outside the town are some curious tombs of Muhammad an architecture. The London Mission had a school here at one time, but it has been discontinued, and a rate-school substituted. The Committee is selected from the leading men of Hospet and Chitwadi.

Hospet taluk takes its name from its head quaters town. The headquarters town is about 64 kms away from Bellary city. It was built by Vijayanagara empire between 1509 and 1520 in honour of Nagaladevi whom he married.

The taluk is bounded on the north by the Gangavathi taluk of Koppal district, on the south by Sandur taluk, on the east by the Bellary taluk and on the west by H B Halli taluk.

Hospet taluk is the smallest in area and occupies second place in population among seven taluks.

The normal rainfall is 658.3 mm. The major crops grown are paddy, maize, jowara, bajra, groundnut, sunflower, sugarcane and cotton.

Industrialization is one of the important means of promoting economic development of the country. Hospet is one of the important towns in the districts where industrialization taking place rapidly. In this taluk there are 2974 industrial units with an investment of Rs. 3994.20 lakh. These units provide employment to 15602 persons. Among medium and large scale units Tungabhadra minerals (Iron ore), Sandur manganese and Iron ores, Vyasanakere (Ferrosilicon, Ferro manganese), K.O.F. limited (Oil, Oilcake, Oils Seeds), Pumpasara distillery ltd., (Rectified spirit and I.M.FI, India Sugar’s and Refinance (Sugar), Minerals Sales private ltd., (Sponge Iron) and Tungabhadra Steel Products, (Engineering design and fabrication).
Places of Interest

(a) Tungabadhra Dam:
The picturesque dam which has become a centre of turist attraction is just 6 kms from Hospet.There are three guest houses viz.,Vaikunta,Kailasa and Indra Bhavana which provides wonderful views of the reservoir.

(b) Kamalapura:
It is an old city of Vijayanagara empire.There is a fort and a stone well. An Archaeological Museum established in 1953 is maintained by the ASI. This has been started to exhibit architectural pieces of Vijayanagara period, to the public for explaining the culture and life.

 This town is five miles distant from the cubes and is chiefly celebrated for its iron foundries, if they may be so called. An enormous quantity of sugar-cane is grown in the rich lands below the channels, and to boil the juice down, large iron pans are required. These are made at Kamlapur. There is not a single good street in the town which is built underneath the tank-bund. Kamlapur was at one time a suburb of Vijiyanagar, and ruins of the ancient city and the modern houses of Kamlapur are side by side. There is a small bungalow here, belonging to the estate of the late Mr. Hathaway, where visitors to the ruins usually stop. There is also a substantially-built chetrum for native travelers and pilgrims.

Kishkindha in Bellary

According to the great epic Ramayana, Kishkindha was the kingdom of the Anthropoid King Vali. This place is situated on the splendid banks of the holy river Tungabhadra. The epic also referred about the grand hills Hrishyamuk, Malyabanta and Matanga. A mound can be seen here, where the king Vali is said to have been laid to rest. A temple dedicated to Lord Rama can also be seen here.


The town is built on the banks of the Tungabhadra river, and close to it is one of the fords where the river may be crossed. A Sub Magistrate is stationed here, but his Cut cherry built in the very heart of the town is in a ruined condition. The town is not healthy, its site is low, and it is surrounded by paddy-fields. Weaving, especially of silk cloths, is carried on here. The town would be improved if the walls of the old fort were knocked down.




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