03 February 2023

BeeChi (1913-1980)

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Beechi was a well-known humorist in the Kannada language. His real name was Rayasam Bheemasena Rao. He preferred to write his pen name bilingually as Beechi. He was also known as Karnataka's George Bernard Shaw.

Beechi was born in the year 1913 in Harapanahalli in the Davanagere district of Karnataka state, India. His father was Srinivas Rao and mother was Bharatamma. He discontinued studies after SSLC and joined a Government office as an attender.  Having no formal exposure to Kannada or its literature, Beechi was motivated towards Kannada literature after reading novel Sandhyaraga on a long train journey. He considered A. N.  Krishna Rao as his guru.

Beechi's writings were humor-based, and his first novel was Dasakoota, published when he was 32.His primary character was timma (Used in Kannada to denote a man who is considered silly/crazy).

Beechi released a lot of books with timma in the title. Churning out novels at a prolific rate, he wrote around 60 books in his lifetime.His autobiography, entitled Nanna bhayagraphy, met with some controversy upon its release. References within the book to Omar Khayyam's 'Rubaiyyat' and how the great Kannada poet G. P. Rajaratnam seemed to have been inspired by it greatly sparked much anger in Rajaratnam and Rajaratnam is said to have written his 'Nirbhayagraphy' in protest.

His famous quotes

  • Every guy needs a house and a wife - the more they are his own, the better
  • God does not appear before us whenever we want. He appears unexpectedly only in Tamil movies.
  • You study and become an engineer, doctor or a lawyer or else at least become a teacher; but never become a politician. Because: Politics is the last resort of the worst scoundrel!
  • It's the irony of life. The wishes of yester years are fulfilled only today; only when they are no longer useful to one but useful only to others.

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