04 July 2022

Basavadala Save Trust: Bellary

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Under  Rashtriya  Basavadala (R)-charitable trusts:

This trust is founded in 1989, under the stewardship of its secretary Sharada mathe. It is one of the religions-Cultural organizations which strive for the strengthening of moral, philosophical, service base of humanity. It is opened in almost all the district place of Karnataka. The Rashtriya Basavadala, the parent organization was founded by this holies lingananda swamiji and it has spread to neighboring state like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and also some of the north’s states.

It has various programs to rekindle faith in lingayats regarding their funder, practices and culture. It wants to create social awareness of group identify of lingayats and creating for them a platform for “group prayer” weekly ones in Basavadala Centers like Christians and Muslim  weekly prayers. For almost 25 years of its working. It firmly established at state, national and international level. It has its main center in kudala sangama and also at Basava kalyana.

Philosophical programs:

  1. Daily pooja, prayer, meditation, maha magala harathi at seva in the morning and evening.
  2. Every Sunday group prayer, bhajan, meditation and maha mangal Harathi at Basavadala centers.
  3. Taking teaching of basava and also Basava jyothi to every house.
  4. On every full moon day, there will be discourse a saranas, prayer, bhajans and dasoha.
  5. Every year in January, they would be big gathieing at “Kudala Sangama”from 11 to 15th from four corner of the state as sharan mela and programs at basava kalyna in the month of May from first to thirtieth.

Social service programmes.



  1.            1.         Conducting of yoga, pranayama, dhyna retreats
  2.            2.          Promoting anyuvald and naturopathy
  3.            3.         Protection of environment as ones of its main agendas.
  4.            4.         Awareness on profanation explosion.
  5.            5.         Creating data of volunteers who one ready to give blood and them use it whenever them is emergency.
  6.            6.         Encouraging people to leave smoking and drinking.
  7.            7.         Creating awareness on eye donation.
  8.            8.         Agitating against “killing of animals” on the name of gods.
  9.            9.         Emphasizing important of vegetarian
  10.          10.        Cow-protections.
  11.          11.        Helping people in natural disasters.
  12.          12.       . Helping old people, physically challenged and helpless women.


Cultural service:

  1. Spreading of moral  and philosophical value
  2. Giving helping hand to spread Kannada and its culture.
  3. Giving prizes for competitions in literature, singing, sports, plays etc…

Programmes of  Rashtriya Basavadala.

Construction of huge gurubasava (Anubhava) Mantapa.

  1. Construction of Akka Mahadevi Shiva yoga Mantapa.
  2. Construction and maintain an of Allamas library.
  3.  Sarvagana vasathi dhama.
  4. Neela gangambika dasoha Mantapa. Old age home on the name of Akka nagalambika.
  5. Yogishiva auyurvede and naturopathy hospital.
  6. Siddarameshwara kayaka Kendra.
  7. Sri Channa Basaveshwara music school.
  8. Mahatma Gandhi national unity center.


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