03 February 2023

Questions about Bellary 1

  1. Who is the CEO of JSW?
  2. Who is the District Judge of Civil Court?
  3. Who Started Vijayakrishna Granites in Bellary?
  4. Who is the CEO of  Vijayakrishna Granites?
  5. When was the Dr. Rajkumar Park started?
  6. When was Vishnuvardhana Park Started?
  7. When was the Parvathi Nagar Park started?
  8. Which is the Oldest Park in Bellary?
  9. Who is the Proprietor of Point Blank Jeans?
  10. Bellary is Famous for………….
  11. Where is BTPS Situated
  12. BTPS Stands for ….
  13. Who is the CEO of Janaki Steel
  14. When was Mahatma Gandhi visited Bellary?
  15. How many hours did Mahatma Gandhi spent in Bellary?
  16. When was Balagangadara Tilak visited Bellary?
  17. The Allipur Jail converted now as
  18. Who is the First Mayor of Bellary?
  19. Who is the Present Mayor of Bellary?
  20. Who is the Present MLA of Bellary
  21. Who is the first MP of Bellary?
  22. When was the Central Jail established?
  23. Who is the Present Chairman of Chamber Of Commerce?
  24. Which is the oldest school of Bellary?
  25. Who constructed First Tower Clock of Bellary?
  26. Bellary City Has _______ Wards
  27. In which year Sonia Gandhi And Sushma Swaraj was contested for MP Elections in Bellary?
  28. What is the long form of BDAA Ground ?
  29. Who is the Asst. Director of BDAA Ground ?
  30. When was  Govt. Municipal College Started?

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