17 January 2018
To the north of mahanavami dibba a fort in the shape of lotus is seen and so known as the Lotus mahal. This building is a mixture of hindu and muslim architecture. It is a two storied building built of motar. It is built in such a way that it…
From the purandra mantapa walking towards the east one can find two huge vertical pillers with one more fixed horizontally on them. It looks like a frame work of a huge door. This is known as the royal balance used on main festivals. It is said that the king used…
The tower of the main entrance of virupaksha temple is 165ft tall and 150 ft wide and 120 ft long and have eleven stories . It is popular by the name bistappa gopura . it is known to be repaired during the Krishna devaraya period . as you enter the…
The Hazararama temple is the only temple situated in the coreof the royal zone between the residential and ceremonial enclosures. It was built by Krishna devaraya in 1513 to commemorate a victory. Dedicated to Vishnu in his aspect of lord Rama this 15th century temple is a finest example of…
Hear this Ganapathi is called Kadlekalu(Bengal gram ganapathi) the idol is 18 feet tall and carved of a single stone before it is the dancing hall built by many pillers.

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