02 December 2020

Karnataka Yuva ShakhtiSanga


 Manjunath Siddamalla born to Sri  S.Verabhadrappa  and smt.Basamma, He is a President:” Karnataka Yuva Shakhty Sanga”

Manjunath sidmal strongly believes in love and sacrifice for Kannada .He loves but never hates any other language. But, his pain is that Karnataka welcomed all people of all areas and languages whole heartedly but now those languages have become in essential Kannada is straggling for its survival in its own land. By seeing this sorry flight, he founded in 1996 ‘Karnataka Yuva Shakhti  Sanga” to fight against force which neglect kannads in its own land. He and his young friends with the slogan of “Manegobba dheera horatakke bhara”(every house a soldier for kannada to fight for the cause ) toured every village to on foot to create awareness of mother tongue  .

The organization has the main aims of implementing Kannada in schools, office, business establishments, Kannada boards, screening of Kannada films in theaters etc... For this they seek active support from public, police, press and leaders.

He is in for front in the programmes and agitations to implement Kannada in our state.


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