31 October 2020
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Prana Sparsha Holistic Health Center

Divya jivana Charitable Trust.(R)PRANA SPARSHA HOLISTIC HEALTH CENTREDr.Neelkantha Patil MDSDr.Babasaheb Gadde BnysDr.Shivaraj.V.Patil Bnys (S.D.M. Dharmasthala)Dr.Sharan .N. Kanti BHMS,MDDr.Saraswathi Patil, BAMSNATURAL HOMOEO CLINIC:-Introducing 1st time in North-Karnataka: -Where HOMOEOPATHY TREATMENT being given following the principles & treatments of NATURE CURE & YOGA THERAPY.Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda (Panchakarma), Homoeopathy, Physiotherapy, Neurotherapy, Accupuncture ALL UNDER A SINGLE ROOFContact : 9482170837, 9916126401,Specialized centre for: -Backpain, DISC PROLAPSE, SCIATICA, SPONDYLOSIS,RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS,OSTEO ARTHRITIS(Joints Pain),COMPLETE MANAGEMENT (SAMPOORNA CHIKITSA) OF CHRONIC DISORDERS (Life Style Induced Disorders)Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Rheumatoid Arthritis (Joints Pain ) Migraine, Spondylosis (Neck Pain) Disc Prolapse, Sciatica (Back Pain), Varicose Veins, Psoriasis, Allergy (Skin, Nasal, Food), Hair fall, Dandruff, Asthma, sinusitis, Thyroid Disorder, Diabetes, Early Kidney Failure, Constipation, Hyperacidity, Piles , Insomnia, Depression, Psychosis & Neurosis. Complications of Hypertension & Diabetes.Good Results in 15-30 days HOLISTIC TREATMENT.NATURE CURE, AYURVEDA (PANCHAKARMA),CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY, PHYSIOTHERAPY, ACCUPUNCTURE, NEUROTHERAPY, YOGA THERAPY, ACCUPRESSURE.All treatments are available in our PRANA SPARSHA HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE CENTRE1. Beside Kannika Parmeswari Hostel, Gajgarpet., RAICHUR. 09482170837,099161264101.2. AROGYADHAM Opposite Professional Courier, Vaddarbanda, BELLARY.3. Vidyanagar 1ST cross, opposite Satya General Stores, Vidya nagar 1st Cross, BELLARY.BASIC TREATMENTS WHICH ARE AVAILABLE ATJINDAL NATURE CURE HOSPITAL, B”LORE, S.D.M. DHARMASTHALA & KERALA (PANCHAKARMA) TREATMENTS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN OUR GULBARGA & RAICHUR HOSPITAL.## GOALS OF OUR HOLISTIC TREATMENT / MANAGEMENT AT OUR CENTRE :--1. To relieve the symptoms like stiffness , swelling, pain radiation, numbness, pricking sensation etc – in cervical or lumbar or joints or any other region of the body.2.To increase the range of motion of joints or spine3.To make the patient capable of doing specified yogic practices as per their age, disease condition, etc especially in pain free range4.To educate the particular group of muscles or any internal organ of the body.5. PREVENTION, SIDE- EFFECT FREE TREATMENT, PROMOTION OF SPECIFIED PARTS OF THE BODY.6. To frame the guidelines for avoiding the complications of disease / disorder already suffering7. MAIN MOTTO– IS TO MAKE PEOPLE LEAD A MEDICINE FREE LIFE OR WITH LEAST MEDICINES , which are unavoidable like anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensive’s, cardiac medicines etc8. To provide all the non-invasive, natural AYUSH TREATMENTS, UNDER A SINGLE ROOF.9. To teach the people --- right method of living, naturally.10. Natural Complete DETOXIFICATION OF BODY & MIND.As NATURE CURE & YOGA --- IS A WAY OF
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Vidhya Nagar West 1st Cross Opp Satya General Store, , , , 583104
Mobile No.
9482170837 / 9916126401

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