14 August 2020

Gurumurthy Pendakur

Gurumurhty pendakur was born on 9th june 1938, to Sri Virupanna shetty and Smt Ranakka at Naryana Devra kere of Bellary District,  he is the  second  son in eight brothers only .He married Smt . paravathi and blesse with four children Vasundhra, Ramesh, suresh and girish.

Gurumurthy Pendakur is  a prolific senior writer of Bellary. He has authored 23 books including travelogue letter corresponding, poetry, essays, biographies and research.
He has translated 21 books from Telugu and Hindi into Kannada languages. He has edited 11 books including anthologies of poems, stories, biographies and laudation. This huge amount of literary work proves his great commitment and complete dedication to the field of literature. He has been writing over four decades, second literary work in ‘Canadadalli Kandiga’ a collection of letter correspondence published in 1969.

His first literacy work was editing an anthology of poems written by then writes of Bellary district way back in 1968. Even today Pendakur is active in literature and his latest works are ‘ Bharathada heldoagilu Gujarath’ a travelogue ‘ jaladologina belaku’ a collection of poems, “pata Chithra”  collection of essays published in 2013.
Gurumurthy pendakur a literary pride of bellary has presided many district and state level literacy conventions and seminars.  He has been felicitated, landed by various organizations of the state. Many noted writers of the Karnataka state appreciated and advised the work of Sri Pendakur .
Pendakur has been blessed with the ample of opportunities to visit many Asian, American and European countries. He has visited   many Museums, art galleries, pilgrims’ center and historical movements of many countries of the above mention continents. His visit to combodia’s Ankorwat which is known for its rare architecture, Boro Buther of Java, pyramids of Egypt, St.Peter Basilica are remarkable. In 1986 he has participated in an intervention convention on leather puppet bat Bhokun of West Germany. In 1999, he has visited America, Canada, Thailand and Indonesia in a period of 6 month. In 2004 he has visited Spain and Portugal of the Europe.
Mr.Pendakur ws so meticulously brought his new experiences, novel thought, and much rare information in his travelogues. His important travelogues  are ‘Bahuroop vasundhara ‘(1974), Andhra Prapanch (1996), ‘Amaranatha Pravesa ‘ (2001), ‘Thailand Indonesia   Thirugaata(2001), ok Canada (2004), Avakaashagala Amaravathi America (2004), ‘Spain matthu Portugal dinachari(2008) and ‘ Bharathada Hebbagilu Gujarath(2013)’

Gurumurthy Pendakur is not only a traveler alone but also a poet. We can see a poet in him. He has published four collection of poems so far. ‘Hrudhaya vSamudhara’ (2004) ‘Nooraaru Kambadaka Manatpa’(2005), ‘Naanu Eppatheredu (2010)’ and  ‘Jaladolagiva Belaku

Pendakur has a great passion towards languages.  Basically he is a multi languages personality. He has translated many important works of   Telugu and Hindi includes into Kannada, so as to enrich the Kannada  literature, His important translation from Telugu includes ‘Digambara Kavys ‘(1989), ‘Jeevanothsha ‘(1998), ‘Panchma Veda ‘(1997), ‘Telugu Kavya maale’, Maragudhare (2001) , ‘smagra Digambara kavya’(2003) , Mahakavi Shri Shri Jeevana Charithre (2004), Kalyaana Samskruthi (2004), Garigalu (20007), Shri Krishna Devaraya ‘ raaya Vaachaka , Anuvada Kathaanjali , Bhagna Vijayanagara Charithre , Mahithiya Raaja Maarga – English, gatha Vaibhavada Goorjaradesha , dhamma patha , and many more works  

Apart from translation he has also written books on recopies “Nalapaaka’(1990), critique on V.K.Gokak ‘ Vinayakara kavya (1997) . A collection of essays “ Anekamukhi’(2007), a collection of Biographies ”nanda Deepagalu (2007). He has also edited eleven books which are collection of stories poems, essays, folk’s literature and commemorate volume  

Along with the creative writing he has published four books on his research works
He has chaired Bellary District Kannada Sahitya Parishath during (1989-1995). He has a member to ‘Karnataka sangeetha Matthua Nruthya Academy ‘(1984-1990).He has organized many conventions on literature and folk arts.
For his literary achievement he has won many awards including ‘ Rajyothasva award ‘ form Government of Karnataka. ‘ Ranna sahithya award’,’ Bhargova award ‘,’Subhadra Kumari Chouchan centenary award ,’ Karnataka shree  award in 71st All India literature conc=vention held at Moodabidre ,’Rajyothsova award from Gulbarga university , Bharni literature award , Karnatakaliterature translation academy award , Karnataka literature academy etc…

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