17 August 2022
Smt.K. KAVITHA VASANTHKUMAR, W/o.Sri.Vasanth Kumar was born on 23rd August, 1983 at Dharawad. Presently residing at Bandihatti Post, Cowl Bazaar, Bellary.
She has completed her B.A. (Hindustani Music Optional) with I Class at Karnataka Arts College, Dharwad, in 2006 and M.A. Entire Hindustani Music (vocal) with 1 Class at Karnataka University, Dharwad, in 2008 and also completed Senior Grade Hindustani Music (vocal) Exam I Class K.S.E.E.Board, Bangalore, in 2007
She has undergone Spl. Training in Vocal Music at “Karnataka Kalashree” Pdt. M.G. Patvardhan Guruji, of Dharwad, taught and trained for more than 10 years in Hindustani Music “ Gwaliar Gharana” regularly and blessed to achieve more in the field.

Light Music (Sugama Sangeet) with Pdt. A.R. Achyutrao and Pdt. Shreekanth Kulkarni, the Radio Artisits, Dharwad, trained me for than 3years in the filed of Sugama Sangeet.

Her Music Teachers are Dr. Smt. Nanda Patil & Pdt. Venkateshkumar of Karnataka College, Dharwad, taught Classical Music at B.A. level for 5 years. And Smt. Meera Gundi, Dr. Veeresh Hugar & Dr. Mryutyunjaya Agadi of Karnataka University, Dharwad, taught and guided for two years at M.A. level.

Achievements/ Programmes & Awards:
  • Participated in a number of competitions conducted by the Mahanagar Palike, District & State Level in Sugam Sangeet, Vachana Gayana, Songs of Sharif, Flik and Cinema Songs and gained prizes and awards.As an Artist of “Yuva Vani”, AIR, Dharwad, a number of Programmes broadcasted and some programmes of Light Music were telecasted in Dharwad City Cable.
  • Had given various functions in Light and Classical Music in ‘Sangeet Bharathi Trust’ Kundapur, Dharwad, Hubli, Koppal, Naragunda, Navalgunda, Lakkundi, Gadag, Gokak, Sindhanur, Athani, Bellary, Hospet of Northern Karnataka and in Bhoopal of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Given a Classical Music Concerts in the Function of “Savai Gandharva’s Punya Tithi”, at Kudgol and “ Dr. Puttaraj Kavi Gavai’s Birthday Ceremony” at Gadag.
  • Participated in Dr. Bendre’s Kavya Gayana “Beladingal Nodda” conducted by Bendre Rashtriya Trust””, Dharwad and “Dr. Kuvempu’s Centenary Festival” conducted by Karnataka University, Dharwad, and awarded the prizes.
  • Selcted in “Yuva Pratibha Puraskar”by Kannada and Culture Department, and reached the State Level, gained the II Prize.

Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu (2005-06)
She was selected and Participated in Dr. S.P. Blasubramhanya’s “Ede Tumbi Haduvenu” of ETV Kannada Channel, Stood I In Four Episodes, and II in the Final Episode, and I am recognized and appreciated as a good Singer.

Star Singer Season-2 (2007-08) She was selected as a “Star Singer”in Season-2, by “Suvarna Kannada     Vahini” in the Leadership of Sri Gurukiran, Music Director, & sang in Five Episodes.

Dharwad Utsav-2007: Given the Hindustani Vocal Concert and Sugam Sangeet Programmes in Dharwad Utsava-2007.

Hampi Utsav 2011    : Had Participated in “ Kavi-Kavya-Gayana” Programme of Hampi Utsav-2011

Dharwad and Hubli Kogile Awards:  She awarded as “Dharwad Kogile Award-2007” and “Hubballi Kogile Award-2008”respectively, in the District Level “Kannda Karoke Film Songs Competion”, Conducted by  The “Kuhoo… Kuhoo Sangeet Samsthe” Bangalore. Both the Functions were Presided over by Dr. Smt. L.R. Eshwari, a famous Playback Singer.

Kanak Rathna Award-2012: Awardee of “Kanaka Purandar Award 2011-12” Bellar District, in the field of music by “Krnataka Rajya Kriyasheela Teacher’s Vedike(R)”, Bellary Dist. And Honoured.

Casets & C.D.s: She sung in more than 70 Casets and C.Ds like Devotional songs, Flok, Lyrics in Kannada, Marathi and Lambani Languages.

Swara Spandana Sngeet Samsthe
Smt.Kavitha Vasanth kumar along with her husband, Sri.Vasanth Kumar, who also a singer, jointly established “Swara Spandan Sangeet Samsthe”® in the year 2008 to run Music Classes in Sugam Sangeet, Clasical (vocal), Vachana Sangeet and organizing singing programmes in bellary and neighbouring Cities and Districts, with an aim to achieve and serve more with dedication and sacrifice in the field of Sugam Sngeet and Classical Music to the best their level and capacity as much as possible.

Mr.K. VASANTH KUMAR , Son of K. Erappa born on 22nd July, 1980.
Residing at Bandihatti Post, Cowl Bazaar, Bellary.

Completed his Bachelor of Music with Distinction, at Pdt. Panchakshri Gavai music College during the 2006 and Master of Arts in Entire Hindustani Music (vocal) with Ist Class at Karnataka University, Dharwad during 2008. Further he also completed Senior Grade Hindustani Music  (vocal) Exam with 1st Class K.S.E.E. Board, Bangalore, during 2005.

He has also undergone  Special  Training  under the guidance of Pdt. Hakkandi Vamadev Gavai of Hoovina Hadagali, learnt  Vocal Music Hindustani Music more than10 years in “Gwaliar Gharana” and Dr.Smt. Meera Gundi, Dr. Veeresh Hugar, Dr. Mrutyunjay Agadi of Karnataka University, Dharwad taught and trained Hindustani Music at M.A. level.


  • Participated in a number of competitions conducted by the Mahanagar Palike, District and State Level Competions in Light Music, Vachana Gayana, Songs of Sharif, Folk and Cinema Songs and won the of Prizes.
  • As an Artist of “Yuva Vani”, AIR, Hospet, had given a number of Programmes and broadcasted.
  • Had given hundreds of Programmes and musical concerts I ‘Sangeet Bharathi Samsthe’ Kundapur, Dharwad , Hubli, Hospet, Belgaum, Naragund, Navalgund, Gokak, Koppal, Athini, Lakkundi, Sindhanur, Ramdurg of Northern Karnataka and in Bhoopal of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Participated in Bendre Kavya Gayana, “Beladingala Nodaa” by Dr. Bendre Rashtriya Trust” Dharwad, and “Dr. Kuvempu’s Centenary Festival” Conductedby the Karnataka University, Dharwad, and gained the prizes in both.
  • Selected to “Yuva Pratibha Puraskar” from Bellary District and reached the Divisional Level to State Level Competition from Kannada and Culture Department.
  • Dharwad Utsav2007: He had selected for “Dharwad Zillha Utsava-2007” and given Programmes in Hindustani Classical music and “Kavi-Kavy Kuncha- Gayana”.
  • Hampi Utsav 2010: Given ‘Hindustani Classical Concert’ in “Hampi Utsav-2010” and won the hearts of music lovers and public.
  • Cassettes & C.Ds Kanak:     Sang so many lyrics, folk songs and Vachanas in more than 10 Cassettes and C.Ds.

He awarded “Kanaka Purandar Award 2011-12” of Bellary District, in the field Award-2011-12 of music by “Karnataka Rajya Kriyasheela Teacher’s Vedike ®”  and honoured.

Swara Spandana:
Vasantha & his wife Kavitha Vasantha Kumar, who is also M.A. in Music and Singer, jointly established “Swara Spandan Sangeet Samsthe”® in the year 2008 to run Music Classes in Sugam Sangeet, Clasical (vocal), Vachana Sangeet and organizing singing programmes in bellary and neighbouring Cities and Districts, with an aim to achieve and serve more with dedication and sacrifice in the field of Sugam Sngeet and Classical Music to the best their level and capacity as much as possible.

Smt. Vijaya Kishore is an accomplished artiste of Hindusthani (vocal) classical music, hailing from a family of renowned artistes (maternal side). She is the grand-daughter of Sri Kotturappa, a stage actor-singer of repute of the yester years, who was conferred several titles including ‘DhanaVeera Shura Karana’, Gaana Kala Visharada. Naturally she inherited the talent of singing from her grandfather. She was born on 16th May 1961 to Sri K.M. Jagadish Shastri and Smt. Vasanthamma.
She has mellifluous voice. It is astonishing that she started learning Karnataka Music at her tender age of three. At the age of six, she gave her maiden stage performance in Karnataka Classical Music held at Kannada Sahithya Parishath in Bengaluru. As a child prodigy she gave a number of programs and as an adult singer too, she has been giving a number of programs till today. Settled in Bellary after marriage in 1978, she discovered her Guru in Late Sri A.ChandraShekar Gawai who was the best teacher of Hindustani Music and also the best composer, besides leaving behind a host of disciples, including Ms. Subhadramma Mansur, renowned professional stage artiste and vocalist. Thus there was switch over to Hindustani Music.

The tutelage under Sri A.ChandraShekar Gawai went on for 15years.  In the meantime, Ms. Vijaya Kishore emerged as one among a very few top class classical singers in the district and also in the surrounding districts. As an Akashvani and Doordarshan Artist, she has given many performances in AIR and Doordarshan.

After the demise of her guru, she established her own music school ‘Suswara Sangeet Vidyalaya’.  As the Principal of Suswara Sangeet Vidyalaya she started training students in both light and classical Hindustani Music in ‘Gurukul Paddhati’. The vidyalaya has crossed 10 milestones. She has been celebrating anniversaries of vidyalaya on a large and grand scale by inviting artists from other places besides giving encouragement to her own students to render classical and light songs on many important occasions. Presently she is working as a Music Teacher at Kittur Rani Chennamma High School for Girls, Bellary.


Giving classical and light music performances in the prestigious Hampi Utsav, a three-day mega cultural festival of dance, drama and music, organised every year at the world famous Hampi, the erstwhile seat of Vijayanagar empire, Purandara Utsav being held in Hampi Mysore Dasara Utsav, Gadinada Utsav held at D.Hirehal near Bellary, thrice in Bellary Jilla Sahitya Samelana held at Bellary, Mahila Utsav conducted by A.I.M.S.S at Dharwad and Bengaluru and winning accolades has been among her many achievements. Working as a music teacher in VV Sangha’s KitturRani Chennamma High School Bellary.

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