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Sahana G R

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Written by 24 August 2013
Born in Bellary on 12th April 2001 developed interest in Classical Dance right from her childhood. She started learning Classical Dance under the guidance of Vidwan Sree S K R Jeelani Basha at the age of 8 Years.

She had given many performances in Classical & Folk Dance and achieved the following:

  • State Award for her exceptional performance
  • District Award for her exceptional Performance
  • Guinness Record
  • Karnataka Natya Mayuri Award
  • National Level Dance Competitions Awards
  • State Level Dance Competitions Awards
  • District Level Dance Competitions Awards
She has also participated in many programs like Hampi Utsava, Dussehra Utsava,  Bhramotshava at Tirumala, Independence  & Republic Day  Functions, Basava Jayanthi, Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, Antharashtriya Mahila Dina,  Vishwa Hinduparishad Functions etc.,

Above all she has also participated in Puranic Costumes/ Dramas etc, further she is interested to complete her Vidhwan in Classical Dance and to serve for the Indian Art forever.   


The folkpride of Kannada Region Nadoja Daroji Eeramma is being awarded by prestigious “JanapadaShree” for the year 2010. Thus she has upheld the folkglory of bellary once again.

By identifying her performance and achievement regarding “Burrakatha”, the State Govt. has selected her for the JanapadaShree award. In a memorable ceremony held in Banglore, on 22nd February 2012, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka, D.V.Sadananda Gowda honoured Daroji Eeramma with the award.

In her response the resipient of award, Daroji Eeramma expressed her joy and gratitude. In her house at old Daroji, she said that she is more happy that Government has recognized her talent, which basically originated from a nomadic community. She informed that, by training many girls of the community in this art, she has continuously tried to save and improvise Burrakatha.

Meanwhile, she remembered the tough time of her life too, as poverty is part of life always. Art of Burrakatha was not only a performance but she could also earn a little for her livelihood. Many times she narrated the story for just 2 kilos of maize. Some times she went to fields as daily labor, to cut weeds. Still she could not even think of letting down Burrakatha. The art ultimately became her passion for life

The Budga Jangama community has expressed their happiness and pride towards awardee Daroji Eeramma. A young artist of the community, Daroji Ramu told that the award not only goes to Eeramma but to the whole community. Many of the leaders have congratulated her.

Daroji Eeramma – a Biographical Note
Being an illiterate, nomadic Budga Jangama woman, Burrakatha Eeramma is a rare kind of uneven talent of Bellary. She is one among the great, unique achiever who dedicated her entire life for Folk Ballad, an eye catching performing art namely Burrakatha.

She has most of the stories – namely, Baalanagamma, Syasi chinnamma, Ellamma, Gangi-Gowri, KumaraRama, KrishnaGolla, Babbuli Naagareddi, AdoniLakshmamma, BaliChakravarthi, MaravaadiSathi, Jaisingh Raja and Mohammad Khan - on her tip of the tongue. She has translated more than 2,000,000 lyrical lines i.e., a vast unwritten literature of 7,00,000 pages from Telugu to Kannada. She is surely a multilingual talent. Her capacity of cramming amazes. She remembers every story-lyric, which is a heritage from her forefathers.

Eeramma is ripened age of 80 years now. With this memorable lifespan, she is still a vagabond lives in a small house. It, really is an Ashraya house allotted for her by State Govt. in Sandur Taluk. She is an illiterate but finds no obstacles in speaking -Kannada, Budga, Hindi,Telugu,Tamil- fluently.
Parents were her first Guru of art. She learnt instrumental music of Dimni, Gagguri, and Tamburi by them. Later on she could present folk epics and folk classics which can be written approximately in 7,000,ooo pages.

Published folk epics of Earamma.
Many research papers are being presented on folk epics narrated by Earamma. What if she is an illiterate ? With her unusual, super normal performances of Burrakatha, she has become a topic for research and study.

Prof.of kannada university, Hampi. Dr. Maitri, has guided a scholer named Sarikadevi L. Kalagi to write thesis on “Burrakatha Earamma -A study” to get her a Ph.D degree in the year of 2006.

Daroji Earamma has performed Burrakatha in thousands of villages, towns, cities and megacities including NewDelhi to spread the fragrance of folkepics and lyrical ballads since over 50 years. Aakashvani has broadcasted her narration many times.

In the year of 2007, the organization “Vaadana Todu” had organized “international nomadic woman’s justice board conference” at Newdelhi and Daroji Earamma was the only woman being selected from Karnataka. She presented KumaraRamaKatha on that very special occasion and received appreciation of conference. She met the president Pratibha Devi Patil over there and had a discussion too.Those were the moments of pride and joy for her and all who knows her and to whom she belongs.

Nadoja Award
Many prestigious awards, honours of state and nation and prizes have arrived in search of Daroji Earamma. Kannada university of Hampi has honoured her with it’s award of Nadoja which normaly is given to finest lifetime achievement of one.

It was given to her on 15th convocation day of the university. Her honours include-
Rajyotsava award for the year 1999,
Dr.B.R.Ambedkar award of Social Welfare Department of Karnataka in 2003
VijayaVitala award of Bellary, Aalwas Nudisiri award, Dr. Rajkumar award, Sandesha kalaaprashasti, Burrakatha Kalashree award, and many more.

A biography of Daroji Earamma has been published.She is a living legend of her time. If she begins her Pallavi with the rhythm and melody of “tandaana tandaana taana taana tandaana …” and so continues …there will be nobody to stop and listen to it for a while.

Belagallu Veeranna, from the heroic soil of Bellary, is a great theatrical and folk artist, who gave a new touch and brought a new glory, to a much neglected folk art called “THOGALU GOMBE AATA” (meaning Skin-puppet play). Among all the different folk arts, Yakshagana, Bayalaata, and Naataka, Thogalu Gombe aata has its own specialty in its functioning style and presentation. This ancient folk art even today has got a strong potential to attract the people of the modern world to look towards it! It was this great man who he redefined and gave a new dimension for the so called ‘art of the skin-puppets’ and there by made this ignorant art into an internationally popular colorful folk art.  

Belagallu Veeranna born during the first half of the 1930’s belonged to a backward rural community.  Ancestors of Sri Veeranna were also great artists.  His father, Late Hanumanthappa was both a famous violinist and a theatrical artist who used to enact female roles. Veeranna an artist by birth started taking part in dramas and participated in ‘Bhajan Singing’ in and around the village.  Late Sri Joladaraashi Doddana Gouda, a well-known Gamaka Artist,  who praised his dramatic skills and texture of his voice, and Sidaginamola Late Sri Chandrayya Swamy motivated by asking young Veeranna to join their Drama Company.

Later, in 1980s, the then Director of Kannada and Culture Department, Sri Vijaya Saasnoor sought attention of Sri Veeranna in giving life to the almost dying Thogalu Gombe art. Greatly motivated by the encouragement of Sri Vijay Saasnoor, to reinvigorate the art of Puppets in Karnataka, Veeranna took this venture in a challenging way and hence forth decided to sacrifice his life just for the very existence of Thogalu Gombe art. He set a record of his own to perform “Panchwati”, an excerpt from the Ramayana, staged in Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bangalore, with the financial aid and boosting of confidence of the then president of Central Music and Drama Academy, Smt. Kamaladevei Chattopdhyaya. This very moral and financial support of Smt. Kamaladevi, made Veeranna to opt for Thogalu Gombe Aata, as a main profession and could proceed with the skin-puppets for the rest of his life. When Sri Girish Karnad a great dramatist and Jnana Peeta Awardee, was the president of Kendra Sangeeta Naataka Academy, helped Veeranna to stage “Bharata Swathantra Sangraama” and thus made available a folk art to address the issues of great social concerns.  Soon Veeranna became an expert in performing skin-puppet shows from not only the excerpts of Mythological events, but also from the historical and social episodes.   Veeranna also made possible and performed many health and socially concerned issues in his own Thogalu Gombe art. In doing so, he simultaneously poularized the Thogalu Gombe art and also succeeded in creating awareness among the rural mass, regarding health, sanitation and many social evils.  It is an achievement that the troupe that performs excerpts from the Scriptures has at the same time, succeeded in presenting modern topics also.  The performances worth mentioning are “Pravaadi Basaveshwara”, “Kittoor Channamma”, “Bhaarata Swatantra Sangrama”, and “Mahatma Gandhi These performances stand proof for the fact, that this troupe could do well in the field of modern episodes too.  Now Veeranna is busy in preparing himself to present “Gautama Buddha”, “Vivekananda” and “Ambedkar” Thogalu Gombe shows. The invitations from different Associations, organizations of different states, show the greatness of his expertise in the field of skin-puppets in entire India.    

He was invited by the Reidberg Museum, Zurich, Switzerland, on the occasion of 60th India and Swiss Anniversary. It was a part of the “Bhaaratotsava”, held from 24 June, 2008, to 7 July, 2008.  His troupe presented the Panchavati’s episode “Seethaapaharana”, an excerpt from the Ramayana.  He also performed “Mahatma Gandhi” which brought name and fame both to his troupe and to India.  He was also invited by the Linden Museum, Stuttgart-Germany in October 2011, on the occasion of centenary celebrations of the museum. The troupe headed by Veeranna gave many performances in other states of Germany, Nuremberg, Koln, and Mainz with the collaboration of Indo-German Society.  

Veeranna for his selfless services in bringing the theatre and folk arts to the lime light, has been awarded with many prestigious state and national awards. Rajyotsava Prashasti, Karnataka Nataka Academi award, Janpada and yakshagana Academy award, Janpada Shri award for his life time achievement from the Karnataka state government. He has also been recognized for his art services in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Andhra Pradesh states. He was awarded 'Kendra Sangeet Natak akademi' award for the year 2011, by the government of India.  In 2013, he was awarded 'Nadoja' a honorary doctorate from Hampi Kannada University, Karnataka. We from the nammabellary.com website, proudly presented "Namma Bellary Prashasthi" for the year 2013. Let us wish him and his troupe to have many more success in their ventures!

Son of Sri K.Hari and Smt K.Sunitha Hari
Spouse: Smt. K.Sindu Kiran, B.Sc.
Daughter: Kum. Medha Ram
Born on 3rd April 1980
Completed BBM at University of Mysore and MBA at Sri Siddaganga Institute of Management Studies Tumkur

It is ramped with challenges perhaps to know about Sri. K.Ram Kiran, the man who visualized and realized to be an academician, businessman and musician.

His Focus and blend towards Music was identified since his childhood and tempted to learn playing Veena from his mother being his first Guru. Having an urge for higher proficiency in the art, learnt and fine tuned the skills in Veena from the great Guru, Sri. R.K.Padmanabhan of Mysore. His passion to learn music took him to frontier of graduating to Junior Level in Veena Exam. His consistency in music is recognized in and around Bellary and has given various music concerts organized by esteemed organizations like; Vishwa Hindu Parishad, ISCKON etc, all. Also a coordinator of Medha Music School, Bellary and he possesses a rich passion towards Fusion music in Veena.

Sri K.Ram Kiran’s career staunch is very interesting. He has completed his post graduation studies in management education from SIT Tumkur. He plays a lead role as an Entrepreneur who owns a jewellery outlet by name M/s.Vikram Jewellers at Bellary.

His forging hardwork of being the young and brightest Entrepreneur, he is designated as a Secretary of  Bellary Jewellers Association.

He is not only recognized in the field of Business, but his interest in academics has sowed greater results by rendering the service as a Principal of Sree Guru Thipperudra College, Bellary.

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