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Gali Somashekara Reddy

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Gali Somashekara Reddy is the second son of Late.Changa Reddy, who was a Police Constable in Bellary. He was born on 24th June 1965.

 He was an Indian politician from the state of Karnataka associated with the BJP. He was MLA of the Vidhan Sabha of Karnataka representing the Bellary assembly constituency for the Bharatiya Janata Party.

 He is also the chairman of Karnataka Milk Federation.

 His brothers G. Karunakara Reddy and  G. Janardhana Reddy had been ministers in the Karnataka state government led by CM B. S. Yeddyurappa of the BJP.

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B. Sriramulu

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B. Sriramulu was born in Bellary, Karnataka on August 8, 1971 to B. Thimmappa, a railway employee and B Honnuramma, a house wife. He is the 7th child from among 4 brothers and 4 sisters. He is a Hindu and hails from the Valmiki Nayaka community.

He is an Indian politician and a Member of the 16th Lok Sabha representing Bellary Lok Sabha constituency.

 He was a member of the current Karnataka Legislative Assembly representing Bellary Rural Constituency. He was Health and Family Welfare minister in the Government of Karnataka till September 2011. He was Tourism, Textile, Civil Aviation & Infrastructure Minister.


 His political journey began as a Councillor from Devi Nagar in the year 1996.

The 1999 Lok Sabha elections saw the emergence of B SriRamulu as Sushma Swaraj’s local aide. All though Swaraj and Sriramulu (who contested the 1999 Assembly elections from Bellary city) lost in the elections, for Him, both the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections that year proved to be a crucial stepping stone.

 In September 2011, he resigned as an MLA and later quit the BJP owing to alleged humiliation meted out to his mentor and jailed former minister Gali Janardhan Reddy by the BJP leadership. Subsequently he contested as an Independent candidate again from the Bellary Rural constituency and won. He then floated a regional party, Badava Shramika Raitha Congress (BSR Congress). However in March 2014 he again joined BJP and contested Loksabha election from Bellary as a BJP candidate.



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BeeChi (1913-1980)

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Beechi was a well-known humorist in the Kannada language. His real name was Rayasam Bheemasena Rao. He preferred to write his pen name bilingually as Beechi. He was also known as Karnataka's George Bernard Shaw.

Beechi was born in the year 1913 in Harapanahalli in the Davanagere district of Karnataka state, India. His father was Srinivas Rao and mother was Bharatamma. He discontinued studies after SSLC and joined a Government office as an attender.  Having no formal exposure to Kannada or its literature, Beechi was motivated towards Kannada literature after reading novel Sandhyaraga on a long train journey. He considered A. N.  Krishna Rao as his guru.

Beechi's writings were humor-based, and his first novel was Dasakoota, published when he was 32.His primary character was timma (Used in Kannada to denote a man who is considered silly/crazy).

Beechi released a lot of books with timma in the title. Churning out novels at a prolific rate, he wrote around 60 books in his lifetime.His autobiography, entitled Nanna bhayagraphy, met with some controversy upon its release. References within the book to Omar Khayyam's 'Rubaiyyat' and how the great Kannada poet G. P. Rajaratnam seemed to have been inspired by it greatly sparked much anger in Rajaratnam and Rajaratnam is said to have written his 'Nirbhayagraphy' in protest.

His famous quotes

  • Every guy needs a house and a wife - the more they are his own, the better
  • God does not appear before us whenever we want. He appears unexpectedly only in Tamil movies.
  • You study and become an engineer, doctor or a lawyer or else at least become a teacher; but never become a politician. Because: Politics is the last resort of the worst scoundrel!
  • It's the irony of life. The wishes of yester years are fulfilled only today; only when they are no longer useful to one but useful only to others.
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Dr. K Rajashekhara (1952)

All the time surrounded by his poor and economically down trodden patients, always busy in diagnosing the disease and the causes for ailments with a motto to serve the people and try to see a line of smile on them. He is none other than Dr. Rajashekhar, who is serving the poorest of the poor for the last 37 years.

Rajashekhar was born on 13th Feb 1952 in Bellary to Sri K. Doddana Gowda and Smt.K Hanumakka. He has three brothers and a sister. He studied in Kannada medium at Heerada Sugamma Primary School, high school at St.John’s, Bellary and passed his matriculation at the age of fourteen. After completing his intermediate course at Setra Gurushantappa P.U. College, he joined B.Sc course with Zoology major and Chemistry minor. On securing his B.Sc Degree from Veerasaiva College, he enthusiastically joined MBBS course at Sri Jagadguru Jayadeva Murugarajendra Medical College, Davanagere,Karnataka. Soon after his completion of his medical course in 1976, he started his favourite profession in 1977. Since  then, he never looked back in his profession by successfully treating lakhs of poor and needy people.

 An inborn doctor, Sri K. Rajashekhar, who has completely dedicated his life for this noble profession. He is always a calm personality and greets with a light smile whoever approaches him. He is well known among his colleagues, patients, friends and relatives for his simplicity and down to earth practices. He is a good physician and an expert in diagnosing all kinds of ailments, equally wise in prescribing best drugs available for cheaper prices in the market. Every day, he treats more than hundred patients round the clock, people not only from Bellary city visits him but also from surrounding 50 to 60 remote villages of Bellary and border villages of Andhra Pradesh comes for his medical and humane treatment.

Recollecting his experiences, with great calm Dr. Rajashekhar, went on narrating the things to the author about the incidents, when he was living at Kambli bazaar, Bellary. He used to attend the emergency patients, whoever knocks the door of his house even at midnights. This midnight emergency services, went on not for a day or two,  neither for a year or two, but it continued for almost two decades! When I asked him “weren’t you annoyed by this kind of uninvited midnight emergency treatments"? His reply was very simple and profound, "my profession is like this and I should attend such emergency calls, after all it is a question of life and death of my patients”.

This nobel man, Rajashekar has a small and happy family. He expresses his deep sense of gratitude to his life partner Smt.Rathna for her never tired and retired services, encouragement and accomplishment. Two daughters Smitha and Ashwini are software engineers who equally fell proud of their father and to his noble commitment to the poor and down- trodden people.

Farmers, labourers, richshaw pullers, tea vendors, hawkers, vegetable sellers, house maids, street cleaners, petty shopkeepers all straight away rush  to this great man at the time of their ill health. Majority of them believe that he has born to address their aliments and to wipe out their pains and tears! Many of  his close associates are in the opinion that "in place of Dr. Rajashekhar,  if somebody were there then, they would have been running three   to four nursing homes and made money in an unimaginable way”

Expressing his thoughts Rajashekhar opines that the new generation doctors, rule out the diseases rather than diagnosing them. The slow fall down of the clinical diagnosis among the doctors of younger generation, is a matter of great concern, he regrets. Maximum benefits and treatments should be given at the clinic only and one has to avoid unnecessary hospitalization, this is his firm belief. He recollects that, he is treating a HIV Patient for the past 37 years and even today, the patient is doing well. Out of his vast experiences, he has proved that epilepsy and paralysis can also be treated at the clinical level without hospitalization. He is of the fixed opinion that, doctors should be judicious in prescribing   the drugs; Knowledge is ever growing, acquiring it by learning and practicing is a never ending process.

Rajashekhar has a good habit of reading new edition medical text books and articles in the medical magazines. He constantly updated his knowledge and is ever ready to give of his best to the needy people. Quacks and quackery is highly condemnable, people should never encourage such unethical and dangerous practices, he cautions! During his beginning days of his profession, he was an active member of lions club and conducted many free health check up camps on behalf of the club. He almost served the club for a decade i.e. from 1977 to 1987, and played a pivotal role in giving good programmes to the people of Bellary. Since 1977, he is an active member of Indian medical associations (IMA). He was affectionately honored by IMA in 2008, on the occasion of Doctors' day.

This humble man Dr. Rajashekhar expresses his sincere gratitude to his senior doctors, for their moral support and encouragement. His piece of advice to the junior doctors is to do hard work, exhibit sincerity in work and be patient towards the patients. One final comment  from him was, that he has no regrets for his profession and he expresses his complete satisfaction for whatever he has done from his true and  sincere mind with a loving heart!

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Joined the Bellary Barn in 1923. He Lead the freedom movement in Bellary Dist. For nearly two decades. Started a weekly “Karnataka kasari” in 1931, to carry out congress propaganda and freedom movement in Karnataka. Was the private secretary to Sri.  Rajaji and also was appointed as Asst. Secretary of Madras Legislature party and played an important role along With Sri. R.R.Diwakar, Sri. Nittoor Srinivasa Rau, Sri.B.M.Srikantaiah, Who Was the then Vice President of Mysore Sahithya Parishat, Bangalore, in developing common Curriculum in kannada for schools and colleges in Kannada speaking regions, then scattered in  Madras Presidency, Bombay Karnataka region, Coorg, Hyderabad and princely state of Mysore. Organised Quit India Movement in Bellary, in accordance with the “Quit India” Resolution in 1942, was given the Privilege of hoisting the National Flag on 15th Aug. 1947, at Bellary on India attaining its Independence. He was entrusted with the task of immersing ashes of the Father of the Nation in 1948 at Hampi in Tungabhadra River. Performed a hat-tric by winning three general elections to the  Lok sabha after independence held in 1952, 1957 and 1962, from Bellary. He passed away in 197, at Bangalore.
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Bellary City Auto Driver’s Association (1991)

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 Bellary City Auto Driver’s Association (1991)

 Hundeker Ramesh is president of Bellary City Auto Driver’s Association .He finished BA &LLB .he born to H.Tippeswamy and Smt. Honnamma and married to Smt Radha and blseed with two children Rajesh and Rakesh

Objectives of Sanga:

  • To cover insurance and help the drivers to get license of all autos, luggage autos, minilorry, apte auto, truck tempo, mini bus drivers.
  • To make people understand auto divers and their service to society “Ashraya House” to 30,000 auto driver of Bellary dist.
  • To distributes free uniforms for auto drivers.
  • To encourage and open group is insurance facility for auto drives.

Work done by the organization:

-         To conduct blood donation camps.

-         Management of SRI SHIRIDI SAI Temple at Gadang street

Struggles: Protest to get Yashvanthapuram –Shiridi trine protest for.                                                 

                     -A High court bench for Bellary              

Future plans:

-         To establish auto stand at VIMS.

-         To distribute ID cards for the drivers who go for night shifts at Railway and for stations.

-         To give facility of free auto side for pregnant women.

-         To fix meters to autos.

-        To establish more and more gas stations. 




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Basavadala Save Trust: Bellary

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Under  Rashtriya  Basavadala (R)-charitable trusts:

This trust is founded in 1989, under the stewardship of its secretary Sharada mathe. It is one of the religions-Cultural organizations which strive for the strengthening of moral, philosophical, service base of humanity. It is opened in almost all the district place of Karnataka. The Rashtriya Basavadala, the parent organization was founded by this holies lingananda swamiji and it has spread to neighboring state like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and also some of the north’s states.

It has various programs to rekindle faith in lingayats regarding their funder, practices and culture. It wants to create social awareness of group identify of lingayats and creating for them a platform for “group prayer” weekly ones in Basavadala Centers like Christians and Muslim  weekly prayers. For almost 25 years of its working. It firmly established at state, national and international level. It has its main center in kudala sangama and also at Basava kalyana.

Philosophical programs:

  1. Daily pooja, prayer, meditation, maha magala harathi at seva in the morning and evening.
  2. Every Sunday group prayer, bhajan, meditation and maha mangal Harathi at Basavadala centers.
  3. Taking teaching of basava and also Basava jyothi to every house.
  4. On every full moon day, there will be discourse a saranas, prayer, bhajans and dasoha.
  5. Every year in January, they would be big gathieing at “Kudala Sangama”from 11 to 15th from four corner of the state as sharan mela and programs at basava kalyna in the month of May from first to thirtieth.

Social service programmes.



  1.            1.         Conducting of yoga, pranayama, dhyna retreats
  2.            2.          Promoting anyuvald and naturopathy
  3.            3.         Protection of environment as ones of its main agendas.
  4.            4.         Awareness on profanation explosion.
  5.            5.         Creating data of volunteers who one ready to give blood and them use it whenever them is emergency.
  6.            6.         Encouraging people to leave smoking and drinking.
  7.            7.         Creating awareness on eye donation.
  8.            8.         Agitating against “killing of animals” on the name of gods.
  9.            9.         Emphasizing important of vegetarian
  10.          10.        Cow-protections.
  11.          11.        Helping people in natural disasters.
  12.          12.       . Helping old people, physically challenged and helpless women.


Cultural service:

  1. Spreading of moral  and philosophical value
  2. Giving helping hand to spread Kannada and its culture.
  3. Giving prizes for competitions in literature, singing, sports, plays etc…

Programmes of  Rashtriya Basavadala.

Construction of huge gurubasava (Anubhava) Mantapa.

  1. Construction of Akka Mahadevi Shiva yoga Mantapa.
  2. Construction and maintain an of Allamas library.
  3.  Sarvagana vasathi dhama.
  4. Neela gangambika dasoha Mantapa. Old age home on the name of Akka nagalambika.
  5. Yogishiva auyurvede and naturopathy hospital.
  6. Siddarameshwara kayaka Kendra.
  7. Sri Channa Basaveshwara music school.
  8. Mahatma Gandhi national unity center.


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Sahana G R

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Born in Bellary on 12th April 2001 developed interest in Classical Dance right from her childhood. She started learning Classical Dance under the guidance of Vidwan Sree S K R Jeelani Basha at the age of 8 Years.

She had given many performances in Classical & Folk Dance and achieved the following:

  • State Award for her exceptional performance
  • District Award for her exceptional Performance
  • Guinness Record
  • Karnataka Natya Mayuri Award
  • National Level Dance Competitions Awards
  • State Level Dance Competitions Awards
  • District Level Dance Competitions Awards
She has also participated in many programs like Hampi Utsava, Dussehra Utsava,  Bhramotshava at Tirumala, Independence  & Republic Day  Functions, Basava Jayanthi, Kannada Sahitya Sammelana, Antharashtriya Mahila Dina,  Vishwa Hinduparishad Functions etc.,

Above all she has also participated in Puranic Costumes/ Dramas etc, further she is interested to complete her Vidhwan in Classical Dance and to serve for the Indian Art forever.   


Thursday, 09 May 2013 07:18

Sri. C.M. Gangadharaiah

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Sri. C.M. Gagadharaiah was born on 15.04.1954. In the year 1972, he completed SSLC (M.S.E.E Board), and completed T.C.H. training during 1976-76 and B.Ed., during the year 1991-92 from Gulbarga University and B.A. from Mysore University during 1990.

Serving as Head Master at V.V. Sangha’s Heerada Sugamma Higher Primary School, Brucepet, Bellary since 03.06.1976. During his tenure he as enrolled 1300 students and teaching Kannada, English, Math’s General Science, Social Studies subjects from 1st to 7th Standard and the results are 80% to 98% in all the subjects.

He has also taken the responsibility as resource Person Diet; D.P.E.P Low cost & Nil cost teaching Aids, First Aid, Drill, March fast S.C & S.T’s & Other student also improve reduce the drop outs rate.

Other responsibilities:

  • Senior Worker in Bharatha Sevadal,
  • Home guard unit working as a Staff Officer, Bellary.
  • worked as a president in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Taluk dated from 2001 to 2004
  • worked as a Secretary in Kannada Sahitya Parishath District unit, Bellary dated from 2004-2008.
  • Still working as a District Sanchalaka in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Unit- Bellary.
  • Home guard unit working as a Staff Officer, Bellary.
  • worked as a president in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Taluk dated from 2001 to 2004
  • worked as a Secretary in Kannada Sahitya Parishath District unit, Bellary dated from 2004-2008.
  • Still working as a District Sanchalaka in Kannada Sahitya Parishath, Bellary Unit- Bellary.
  • Senior Worker in Bharatha Sevadal,

Sri. C.M. Gagadharaiah has been appointed on 03-06-1976 and rendering the continuous services. As a Model teacher, he has gained the love and affection to the school children and the colleagues. He has been selflessly rendering the services for all round development of the school not only after school honors, but also on the days of holidays. Not only performs the duties of planning the trees, surrounding cleanliness by himself, the school children are also encouraged to perform.

He uses the teaching materials in the method or teaching to enable the learners to learn the teaching matter coneretely and effectively in the class. By drawing the pictures on the Block Board, encourages the children to learn coneretely. Develops the pictures collection habit of the national flag, National Leaders, Freedom fighters and the collection of the stamps and old coins among the children. Trains the school children to participate in cultural activities on the days of the National Festivals.

Gives homework regularly to the children. There will be 100% attendance in his class. Use teaching materials to a maximum level. Prepares the best teaching materials with the no cost materials. Teaching the yogasana to the children, gives prominence to get the best results of the school children.

The results of the School standard is 100%. He has developed the close contact with the parents of the school children conducts the Essay Writing, Elocution, Folk Songs, Patriotic songs, Fancy dress competition for the school children.

He Trains school children to participate in the March Fast every year. Responsible for the school children to bag the prizes, by participating at Sevadal Rallies at Different places. His students have bagged many prizes, by participating at State and National Level competitions.

Strives to get good results to the school, by conducting the special training for the children who are Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, poor and educationally ward.

Teachers the mass literacy songs, patriotic songs, Devotional songs, Not only to the class children, but also to the whole school conducts mass physical training weekly once, as a mark of “Discipline”.

He is an expert in drawing out the talents hidden among the children. Responsible to bag the silver medal and awards by indulging the children in many communal activities and by training the children in the activities as Folk Songs, Mallakamba, Kolata etc.,

He is rendering the services as C.S.M of Home Guards & Platoon Commandant Stable Officer for Training and rendering the services as Senior Worker of Sevadal. State Level prize has been awarded to him, at the state level children and youth rally held at Mysore during 1985. “The District Level the best teacher” award has been awarded during the year 1997-98.

He has been elected as the Member of Teacher’s Association getting highest votes in the election, held during 2010. He is also rendering the services as the Secretary to the Aided Schools Teacher’s Association and other Student’s co-operative association of the school.

Participating since many years as resourceful person at various camps and delivered the lecturing on the history of the National flag, method of tying the National Flag, Flag Field, Hoisting the National Flag, Disjoining the National Flag, etc., conducted at District Teachers training Institute, Bellary participated promptly at rural areas as an artist of D.P.E.P Kala Jatha, conducted under the literacy programme and participated at various State level dramas as an artist of Mayura Kala Sangha.

As an artist is educating the public in rural and urban areas about the population awareness by participating in dramas and activities such as control of Environmental pollution, Road Safety, Family Welfare pulse polio, Leprosy, Malaria and the activities of Aids awareness conducted by the Mayura Kala Sangha and information and Broadcasting Dept. also advice for the same and educating the public for such programmes.

He is rendering the services at free eye camps, Mass Marriages, Blood donation Family Planning. Pulse Polio camps being conducted by the Karnataka State Primary School Teacher’s Association, Veerasaiva Thorne Sangha etc., participates promptly in various conferences and Rallies being conducted by the school Managing committee participated at Rural, district and State level Children Rallies and Camps and run them Successfully.

Sir C.M. Gangadharaiah is a teacher and Head Master, but also an old student, he is designer for encouragement and for the National Award,

He has secured Best Teacher Award from Mayura Kala Sangha in the year 1999 at Bellary.
He is the Treasurer of “Mayura Kala Sangha,” because of his efforts the participants of the drama have bagged 7 (Seven) Prizes in Kannada Competition, Drama “Giliyada Manthrika” in the year 2006 at Hospet.

“Life for Service”, “Service to the people is Service to the God”… Keeping these norms, he has encouraged the children to participate in many mass camp activities. He rendered the services promptly and sincerely in the activities of Bharath Sevadal, Home Guards, Mayura Kala Sangha, District or Aided Primary School Teachers Association, Bellary District, Bellary. He has also rendered services in different organization like; as a President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat, As District Secretary in Veerasaiva Tharuna Sanga, Malla Sajja Vyayama Shala Mass Marriages, Free Eye Camps, Fairs, Environmental Pulse Polio Camps and Aids Awareness etc., He is one of the best artist at State Level Dramas.

We wish that he may be enabled to render more services not only to the educational department, but to our Country.

Thursday, 09 May 2013 07:16

Smt. Kavitha Vasanth Kumar

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Smt.K. KAVITHA VASANTHKUMAR, W/o.Sri.Vasanth Kumar was born on 23rd August, 1983 at Dharawad. Presently residing at Bandihatti Post, Cowl Bazaar, Bellary.
She has completed her B.A. (Hindustani Music Optional) with I Class at Karnataka Arts College, Dharwad, in 2006 and M.A. Entire Hindustani Music (vocal) with 1 Class at Karnataka University, Dharwad, in 2008 and also completed Senior Grade Hindustani Music (vocal) Exam I Class K.S.E.E.Board, Bangalore, in 2007
She has undergone Spl. Training in Vocal Music at “Karnataka Kalashree” Pdt. M.G. Patvardhan Guruji, of Dharwad, taught and trained for more than 10 years in Hindustani Music “ Gwaliar Gharana” regularly and blessed to achieve more in the field.

Light Music (Sugama Sangeet) with Pdt. A.R. Achyutrao and Pdt. Shreekanth Kulkarni, the Radio Artisits, Dharwad, trained me for than 3years in the filed of Sugama Sangeet.

Her Music Teachers are Dr. Smt. Nanda Patil & Pdt. Venkateshkumar of Karnataka College, Dharwad, taught Classical Music at B.A. level for 5 years. And Smt. Meera Gundi, Dr. Veeresh Hugar & Dr. Mryutyunjaya Agadi of Karnataka University, Dharwad, taught and guided for two years at M.A. level.

Achievements/ Programmes & Awards:
  • Participated in a number of competitions conducted by the Mahanagar Palike, District & State Level in Sugam Sangeet, Vachana Gayana, Songs of Sharif, Flik and Cinema Songs and gained prizes and awards.As an Artist of “Yuva Vani”, AIR, Dharwad, a number of Programmes broadcasted and some programmes of Light Music were telecasted in Dharwad City Cable.
  • Had given various functions in Light and Classical Music in ‘Sangeet Bharathi Trust’ Kundapur, Dharwad, Hubli, Koppal, Naragunda, Navalgunda, Lakkundi, Gadag, Gokak, Sindhanur, Athani, Bellary, Hospet of Northern Karnataka and in Bhoopal of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Given a Classical Music Concerts in the Function of “Savai Gandharva’s Punya Tithi”, at Kudgol and “ Dr. Puttaraj Kavi Gavai’s Birthday Ceremony” at Gadag.
  • Participated in Dr. Bendre’s Kavya Gayana “Beladingal Nodda” conducted by Bendre Rashtriya Trust””, Dharwad and “Dr. Kuvempu’s Centenary Festival” conducted by Karnataka University, Dharwad, and awarded the prizes.
  • Selcted in “Yuva Pratibha Puraskar”by Kannada and Culture Department, and reached the State Level, gained the II Prize.

Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu (2005-06)
She was selected and Participated in Dr. S.P. Blasubramhanya’s “Ede Tumbi Haduvenu” of ETV Kannada Channel, Stood I In Four Episodes, and II in the Final Episode, and I am recognized and appreciated as a good Singer.

Star Singer Season-2 (2007-08) She was selected as a “Star Singer”in Season-2, by “Suvarna Kannada     Vahini” in the Leadership of Sri Gurukiran, Music Director, & sang in Five Episodes.

Dharwad Utsav-2007: Given the Hindustani Vocal Concert and Sugam Sangeet Programmes in Dharwad Utsava-2007.

Hampi Utsav 2011    : Had Participated in “ Kavi-Kavya-Gayana” Programme of Hampi Utsav-2011

Dharwad and Hubli Kogile Awards:  She awarded as “Dharwad Kogile Award-2007” and “Hubballi Kogile Award-2008”respectively, in the District Level “Kannda Karoke Film Songs Competion”, Conducted by  The “Kuhoo… Kuhoo Sangeet Samsthe” Bangalore. Both the Functions were Presided over by Dr. Smt. L.R. Eshwari, a famous Playback Singer.

Kanak Rathna Award-2012: Awardee of “Kanaka Purandar Award 2011-12” Bellar District, in the field of music by “Krnataka Rajya Kriyasheela Teacher’s Vedike(R)”, Bellary Dist. And Honoured.

Casets & C.D.s: She sung in more than 70 Casets and C.Ds like Devotional songs, Flok, Lyrics in Kannada, Marathi and Lambani Languages.

Swara Spandana Sngeet Samsthe
Smt.Kavitha Vasanth kumar along with her husband, Sri.Vasanth Kumar, who also a singer, jointly established “Swara Spandan Sangeet Samsthe”® in the year 2008 to run Music Classes in Sugam Sangeet, Clasical (vocal), Vachana Sangeet and organizing singing programmes in bellary and neighbouring Cities and Districts, with an aim to achieve and serve more with dedication and sacrifice in the field of Sugam Sngeet and Classical Music to the best their level and capacity as much as possible.
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