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Kudligi taluk takes its name from its headquaters town which is at a distance of 80 kms. from Bellary city. The area of this taluk is 864 square miles. It contains 384 villages or one to every ( 2-1) Square Miles Of Country.But of these 102 are ‘Becharak’ or deserted, and 73 have a population under 100.

The taluk is bounded on the north by the HB Halli and Sandur taluks,on the south by Jagalur taluk of Davanagere district and Molakalmuru taluk of Chitradurga district,on the east by the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh and on the west by Harpanahalli taluk of Davanagere district.
Kudligi taluk is the second largest in area and third largest in population among seven taluks.

_ The area of this taluk is 864 square miles. It contains 384 villages or one to every ( 2-1) Square Miles Of Country.But of these 102 are ‘Becharak’ or deserted, and 73 have a population under 100.

The cultivation in this taluk is very small as the soil rocky and stony. On the north-east the Komarasami range is prolonged to the neighborhood of Gudikotta. There are low hills all round the cubs also. The highest point in the taluk is probably Jerrimalla hill about 8 miles from Kudlighi.

This taluk contains 537,015 acres including the hill tracts and Proumboke land. In the accounts only 523,884 acres are shown as assessed and fit for cultivation. Of these only 124,428 acres are actually under cultivation. The rest or three quarters of the taluq is waste

The major crops grown are maize, jowar, bajra, groundnut, sunflower and cotton.

Places of Interest

(a) Amaradevaragudda:
There is a huge banyan tree in this village which spreads an area of 1.71 acres.It is 3 kms from Kudligi town.

(b) Chikkajogihalli:
A small tiny backward village has been transformed into a model village by one Sri.K.Venkataswamy, a businessman. With the cooperation of villagers the village is now equipped with modern facilities like hospital, veterinary hospital, Kinderngarten school, Primary, Secondary and high school, post and telegraph office, Co-operative societies and many other institutions which genrally not found in other vilages.

(c) Gudekote:
Gudekote is a revenue circle at a distance of 28 kms east of Kudligi. There is fort on the top of a hill.This is built with enormous sized blocks.At a distance of 3 kms from this place, one Sarvodayagrama is organised in about 100 acres under the guidance of Sri.M.Vasudevecharya, a sarvodaya worker. The lands were donated in 1961 under Bhoodan Movement.

(d) Gunasagara:
The temple of Gopalakrishna in this village is quite famous for its workmanship.

(e) Kottur:
This town is named after the great saint Kottura swamy who lived here. He is worshipped near his samadhi and also at a temple which is in the middle of the town. It is 19 kms from Kudligi town

This  is said to have been founded about 400 years ago by a hermit named Basappa, in whose honor there is a temple in the village. Since the removal of the Moonsiff’s Court, which was once stationed here, the population has fallen off and the importance of the town decreased.

(f) Nibalagere:
Noted for the manufacture of woolen blankets.

(g) Ujjini:
This village is 21 kms from Kudligi town. There is one important religious institution in this village viz.,Ujjayini Saddharma Peetha. Matha runs a sanskrit school.
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