22 March 2023

Hills in Bellary

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  • ┬áKumbara Gudda:The other hill is called Kumbara Gudda . When viewed from the south-east it looks like the profile of a human face and is therefore also known as Face Hill.
Apart from these two hills, there are a number of other smaller granite hills within the city, the prominent among them being:
  • Kaate Gudda is in opposite to the Municipal Junior College, which also houses a water tank and pumping station. This hill is also nicknamed
  • Kaage Gudda for its teeming flocks of Crows
  • Eeshwara Gudda: behind the Anaadi Lingeshwara Temple in Parvati Nagar-Shastri Nagar area. This has now been quarried extensively and almost flattened with all loose boulders removed, making way for residential occupation.
  • A hill housing a water tank, adjacent to the Bellary Central Jail.
  • A hill adjacent to St. John's High School in the Fort Area .It is also very common to find small boulders and rocks at numerous places within the city.

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