21 January 2019

Questions about Bellary 5

  1. Which is the First Govt. Degree College in Bellary?
  2. Who was the first collector of Bellary?
  3. Which is the famous food in Bellary?
  4. Who is the Rural DYSP (deputy superintend of police) of Bellary?
  5. Who is the SP of Bellary?
  6. Kuntegadda Park  Is Now Known As ………..
  7. Which Is The Main Crop Grown In Bellary?
  8. What Is  The Length Bellary For  From North-East To South-West Is ?
  9. Who Built Bellary Fort?
  10. What Is  The Length Bellary For  From North-East To South-West Is ?
  11. When Was The Bellary Zoo Established ?
  12. Who Is The Director Of Vims?
  13. Expand  OPD In A Medical Term………….
  14. How Many Taluks Are There In Bellary?
  15. What Was The Earlier Name Of Bellary?
  16. who is the first professor of  kannada Vishva vidyalaya?
  17. In which year the  Bellary city municipal council was upgraded to a city corporation?
  18. The Vijayanagara Empire arose under…………………
  19. In which year the Bellary Municipal Council was created?
  20. In which year Bellary was the seventh largest town in Madras Presidency?
  21. Kaate  gudda park is also known as ………….
  22. who took possession of the fort from the Hande Nayaka family in 1769?
  23. When Allipur jail was converted as medical college?
  24. From which district commissioner effort the kuntegudda park is changed into a beautiful urban park?
  25. When Ghouse hospital was constructed?
  26. When was TB Sanitarium started?
  27.  Government Wellesley Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases Hospital Locally known as……………….
  28. Which  are the places of Sandur hill ranges the natural beauty?
  29. Who   was  the architect of  Tungabhadra Dam?
  30. Which is the second thermal plant in Karnataka in Bellary?
  31. Who is the Publisher of the Hai Bengaluru?
  32. Hire Hadagali village has famous…………..
  33. In which year MP Prakash served as the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka?
  34.  MP Prakash was……………..
  35. In which  year M. Y. Ghorpade (Murarirao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade)  was an Indian Politician?
  36. Beechi was a well-known humorist in……………..
  37. By which name Beechi released a lot of books?
  38. Who was the Engineer of Tungabhadra Dam?
  39. Where is the Narihalla Dam
  40. Who started Hampi Utsava?
  41. In which year Hampi Utsav started?
  42. Bellary court was built in the year?
  43. When Gali Janardhana Reddy born?
  44. Gali Janardhana Reddy was MLC during the year ____
  45. G. Somashekara Reddy was MLA of Bellary during the year _____
  46. B. Sriramulu was ……………..
  47. B. Sriramulu started a new party named as …………
  48. What is the long form of BSR?
  49. When was St.Johns College started?
  50. Who is the Vice Chancellor  of Sri Krishnadevarya university?
  51. Mahanavami Dibba at Hampi is also known as ……………
  52. Who was Joladarashi Doddana Gowdaru?
  53. Who was the last District Collector of Bellary?

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