04 August 2020

Questions about Bellary 4

  1. What Is The SSA Stands For
  2. Who is the First Bellary District President of Kannada Sahitya Parishat?
  3. When St’ Joseph’s School was Started?
  4. Which is the Oldest Church in Bellary?
  5. Kunte Gadde now known as ……..
  6. District Commissioner Office, was constructed by…….
  7. Who Established St’ Philomena School ?
  8. When was St’ Philomena School Established?
  9. When was St’ John’s School started?
  10. Who was the founder of St’ John’s School?
  11. In which year Sri Mahadev Thata expired?
  12. Which God is at Gavisiddappa?
  13. Which temple is at Kenchana Gudda?
  14. Where is Yenkappa Thata Matha
  15. Where is Karadi Dhama (Bear Sanctuary)
  16. The best time for visiting the sanctuary Karadi Dhama? 
  17. Daroji Eramma is Awarded as ………
  18. When Daroji Eramma took her last breath?
  19. Who is the President of Bellary Bar Association?
  20. Mundlur Ramappa was well known ………
  21. Mundlur Diwakarbabu was _________ Minister
  22. In which year Mundlur Ramappa Elected as a Minister?
  23. Who is the First President Teacher Awardees of Bellary
  24. The Railway Station was constructed by ___________
  25. Durgamma sidi festival is celebrated during the month of …..
  26. Which is the oldest temple near Moka?
  27. In which year Allipur Tank (Kere) started?
  28. Tekkalakote is famous for _________
  29. Kurugodu Dodda Bassappa Temple was constructed by?
  30. Malleshwara Swamy Temple was constructed by?
  31. Who is the Chairman/ President of APMC, Bellary?
  32. Anil Lad is from ________
  33. Sandur is famous for ______________
  34. Sandur Independence Day ___________
  35. Who founded the Central Library in Bellary?
  36. When was Central Library started?
  37. Where is the Oldest Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Bellary?
  38. Where is Pavan Hotel located?
  39. Who Won the Bellary Rural MLA 2014 in By Elections?
  40. Which Forest is known as Switzerland of Bellary?

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