21 January 2019

Questions about Bellary 3

  1. Where Is Gandi Narasimha Swamy Temple Is Located
  2. Krouncha Giri is the name of
  3. Which is the oldest Kere (water tank) in Bellary
  4. Which is the world’s second largest Single Rock?
  5. When was Gandhi Bhavan established?
  6. Who is the founder of Gandhi Bhavan?
  7. Bellary Beechi famous for _________
  8. Which is the famous Novel of Beechi
  9. Bellary Raghava was a famous __________
  10. Ravi Belagere is a Famous ___________
  11. Who Started the Raghava Kalamandir?
  12. Subhadramma Mansoor is famous for ________
  13. Belagal Veeranna is famous for ________
  14. Who is the Managing Director of Hotel Pola Paradise?
  15. When was Hotel Pola Paradise Started?
  16. When was M.G. Auto Mobiles started?
  17. Who founded the Wardlaw High School?
  18. In which year the Wardlaw High School started?
  19. The first Kannada Version Bible was printed at ______
  20. Who is the Director of  BITM?
  21. When Was RYMEC Started
  22. Earlier Name Of JSW
  23. Where Is Turkish Park Is Located
  24. Who was the First MP Of Bellary
  25. Who was the MP elected Three Times From Bellary
  26. In which year, RYMEC Started?
  27. The earlier name of RYMEC is __________
  28. Ananthapur Road renamed as _____________
  29. Oldest And Only The Degree College In Bellary
  30. Who Is The Founder Of SSA Degree College

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