20 September 2019

Questions about Bellary 2

  1. Who was the First Principal of Govt. Municipal College ?
  2. Which is the Veerashaiva Vidyavardhaka Sangha’s first Institution?
  3. Who was the MP for 3 Times from Bellary ?
  4. Who was Bruce?
  5. World famous Kumaraswamy Temple situated at _________
  6. When was Taranath College Started?
  7. Who is  the Founder of Taranath College?
  8. Who is the Principal of Taranath College?
  9. Taranath college famous for _________
  10. Which is the oldest well in Bellary?
  11. Who is the President of Charted Accountancy Association?
  12. Who is the President of Indian Medical Association, Bellary?
  13. Who is the MD of  Shavi Hospital, Kappagal Road, Bellary?
  14. Which is the Oldest Hospital in Bellary?
  15. Founder of ASM Women’s College ________
  16. Where is Gandhi Samadhi in Bellary?
  17. Where is Mallla Sajjana Vyayama Shale?
  18. when Science And Technology Centre started?
  19. Where Is “Halli Mane” Hotel?
  20. Where the District NCC Office in Bellary??
  21. Who is the author of “Changi Cheluve” Book?
  22. What is the  “Nisti ya 108 Vachanagalu”?
  23. Where is the Jeevasamadhi of “Yerrithata”?
  24. Where is Bhavani Lalitha Kala Kendra Academy?
  25. Where Is Malvi Dhama Situated
  26. Malvi Dhama Is For
  27. Where Is Kalleshwara Temple?
  28. Where is Gunda Forest?
  29. Where is Mailara Lingeshwara Temple?

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