23 November 2017
The iPad Air is noticeably lighter than its predecessors. If you are the least bit interested in the new tablet computer from Apple, you probably already know that. The company’s engineers shaved just short of a third off the weight of the earlier version; the 9.7-inch Air weighs only a…
Isro has meticulously prepared for its ambitious Mars mission. Scientists have equipped the orbiter with all possible solutions for many anticipated problems. Yet, the flight’s real test will begin once it leaves the comfort of the Earth’s atmosphere India’s first mission to Mars which is set to take off on…
There has been much debate over the existence of gravitons. Some physicists say it might be physically impossible to build a graviton detector. However, a new theory says otherwise, writes Ron Cowen.Can a quantum of gravity ever be detected? Two physicists suggest that it can – using the entire Universe…
In the beginning, computers were the size of buildings. To use one, you walked into it. Over the decades, they grew small enough to sit on a desk, then to carry in a briefcase, then to keep in your pocket. And now we’re entering the age of computers so small…

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