23 November 2017
It's important to drink water according to your lifestyle rather than follow the 8-glass water rule, say nutritionists.Water is your body's principal chemical component and a natural detoxifier but not many are aware about how much water should we ideally drink every day. Moreover, the popular 8 by 8 rule…
If you are trying to lose weight and have no time to hit the gym, try munching on a handful of almonds. According to a new study published in the International Journal of Obesity, ‘Almonds may help you shed those unwanted pounds’. These nuts are healthy and are rich in…
One doesn’t have to always spend a fortune on cosmetics or the beauty parlour to get that glowing skin. For best results, take care of yourself with natural products and try out these few tips for healthy looking skin. -Stay away from soap: Soap is highly alkaline and it can…
Dr Keiki Mehta, eye surgeon gives us tips Protect the eyes from the sun. Sunglasses once thought of fashion accessory have now been proven to be essential for good eyesight. Ultraviolet light rays emitted from the especially UV-B is the most damaging to the crystalline lens and causes cataracts, corneal…
Do you feel old and tired because of your eyes? It is really hard to feel fresh and alert when your eyes are tired and droopy, because of those annoying bags under them. They are a sign of stress and fatigue. Fret not as Asian Roots Luxury Spa, Delhi, has…

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