19 January 2018
Some of the events in the Ramayana are related to this historical place. It is said that Rama while searching for Sita met Sugriva and Hanuman at a place near Hampi, the celebrated capital of the Vijayanagara empire. 300 BCE – 1336 ADBellary was ruled in succession by the Mauryas,…
This temple is on the road to Kamalapur.it is 320ft. long and 200ft. broad. It is a formidable temple protected by a fort. It was built by Krishnadevarya in 1523 in memory of his Triumph in the war against Gajapatiraya. This idol of Balakrishna was brought from Udayagiri. Now the…
Near Pataleshwara temple two huge boulders lean on to each other. This awe-inspinng sight is a natural. Creation. They are said to have been of two sisters who turned into stones on making a derogatory remark about Hampi
If we go further on the road to Kampli, The hill that appears on the left is Malyavantha hill. The temple at the top of the hill is Raghunatha temple. This temple has two doors; one to the East and the other to the south. The main gate has a…
It is situated on the road to Kampli from Kamalapur. It was built by Iraguppa the son of the commander-in –chief Baichappa. Bheema’s pictures have been carved here. Further ahead there is a forgate, some dilapidated temples, and Muslim graves. It was set aside for Muslim graves. It was set…
It is beautiful building built of mortar’s he architectural style is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim style, there is a pond in the middle for swimming. It is 8ft. deep. There is a canal for water to flow in from outside. There are four outlets at the bottom for…

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